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Your Property on Beautiful Cape Verde: An Investment Just For You

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 23 August 2017 11:51

If you could choose a property investment designed for you, use one of several ownership options, and the property would be in one of the most desirable locations on the planet, that would be a good choice, right? Fortunately, this opportunity is offered now in Cape Verde, 570 kilometres from the West African coast.

This representative democracy, also known officially as Cabo Verde, is a developed, democratic country associated with the African continent. Tourism has experienced healthy growth on Cape Verde, including on Boa Vista, the easternmost island in the archipelago. The number of visitors has increased significantly every year for almost two decades. This island is not densely populated compared to others in the group, giving it a continuing rustic feel. The combination is perfect for a relaxing getaway.

White Sands and More

The newest development from one of the leading resort development groups puts you on Boa Vista and close to a traditional Cape Verde community. Here, you’ll experience a blend of both Portuguese and African cultures. Greet visitors as you walk along cobbled streets and enjoy one or more of the many cafés, restaurants, and vibrant bars. Cape Verde has made a major commitment to infrastructure investment with a goal of further developing the tourist economy.

Your investment in overseas property will benefit from this commitment, of course, as you use your property for a holiday destination or when travellers provide consistently high returns for your rental property. You can learn more about White Sands Hotel & Spa: An Investment Designed Around You when you visit the website to gather more information about the hundreds of luxury properties in 16 different categories at this remarkable location.

 Investing in property on a beautiful island can be one of the most enjoyable choices you’ll make. Of course, you’d be wise to work with one of the leading developers in this area, so you’ll have a range of ownership options. You might find the best way for you is to keep the property for family use, which gives you a private paradise. Perhaps you’ll rent the property and do the marketing on your own. That’s an option, because you buy your Cape Verde property on a freehold basis. You can make the choices you want to make because the property title with no other ownership restrictions.

Your Options

One of these will fit your specific needs and desires because there’s something for every type of investor: penthouse suites, duplex-style suites, or private villas with whirlpool baths, swim-up pools, and hot tubs. Each is very stylish and finished to the strictest specifications. You and your guests will enjoy gorgeous interiors that include exquisite fixtures, premium appliances and furnishings. In addition, you can choose a property in an adults-only section or a family-friendly area.

If you decide to rent your duplex suite, penthouse suite or private villa, you can list it with a rental company or become part of a managed program, which provides all the management services you’ll need. With this last option you’ll have specialists taking care of occupancy, collecting the rent, cleaning and maintaining the property for you. Since the location is perfect and the options are attractive, why not start your investment journey today?

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