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The Benefits of Double Glazing for Your Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 05 October 2017 15:37

The concept of double glazing is as simple as separating two panes of glass with a vacuum filled with either air or argon. You should, however, consider the benefits that it has to offer, starting with preventing heat loss from your home.

Below are six reasons why using 
window fitters for your home is a good idea.

Block Out the Noise

Maybe your house is located close to a busy road, or a train station. Either way, you know how annoyingly noisy it can get. Those with babies have an even harder time getting them to sleep at night, but with double glazed windows, the extra thickness will filter out the noise from outside and give you some much-needed quiet.


Lock in The Heat

Heat insulation is the number reason why you should consider double glazing. Single glazed windows lose about 50 to 70 percent of the heat in a hose. By trapping air between its glass panels, double glazed windows prevent heat loss, making you stay warm inside the house. Winter is coming, and there is no other cost-effective way to lock the heat inside your house other than installing double glazed windows.

Home Security

The glass on your windows is doubled up, making it harder for intruders to break in. You can choose to toughen the glasses or laminate them for extra protection. You can now sleep with both eyes closed and get rid of the club under your pillow thanks to these windows.


Low Maintenance Costs

Compared to single glazed windows, double glazing does not require high maintenance costs. When it comes to cleaning, there are technologies that have been created specifically for this purpose. These windows have a lifetime guarantee of over 20 years, reducing the amount of money you would have spent on repair costs. Double glazed windows are durable and easy to clean; the deal is too good, but there is more.


Increased the Value of Your Home

Buyers want to move into a house that maintains the right temperature without much effort. Double glazed windows are a top attraction in the market right now, and they will be for the foreseeable future. Installing this windows could raise your property value by a significant amount.


Get Rid of Condensation

Most people will think; "it is just condensation, it is not going to harm anyone." Well, as that cold air meets the warm air and dampens the inside glass of your single glazed windows, the moisture might cause smells and stuffiness that could have easily been avoided by installing window fitters. Condensation will cost you, in the long run, so better get that double glazing and avoid it altogether.

Double glazing does not only apply to windows, but any glass surface can also benefit from it, including roof windows, doors, canopies, and conservatories. By getting double glazing for your home, you will be saving the money that you would have spent on insulating your home against heat loss and noise pollution, repairing and repainting single glazed windows, and fixing the damages of condensation.

If all the homeowners in the UK decided to install double glazing in their houses, then over £700,000,000 stand to be saved from heating expenses. This is a lot of money, and the sooner people realize this, the sooner they can share in the savings by easily adopting the double-glazed technology.

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