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Time to Heal, Forgive, and Build-Korean Comfort Women

Written by Posted On Sunday, 03 December 2017 11:46

Integration of the Korean community has been a persistent challenge for Park as well as the previous administration concerning the deceased comfort women. Relatives and close families of the dead have continuously staged demonstrations on a weekly basis on the Japanese embassy to seek attention in the form of compensation and not as consolation which they claim as the portrayed image. Undeniably, this is quite a challenge for the Korean government considering it is an internal issue and not only Japan but also the United States of America as well as countries within the Asia-Pacific boundaries get affected.

Nevertheless, the two countries, Japan and South Korea have publicly extended a hand of goodwill towards the healing process through funding several programs that directly involve the Korean comfort women. After a series of meetings on settling on a permanent solution, the South Korean officially announced and implemented the plan to establish the Foundation for Reconciliation and Healing which Japan honored their deal by channeling $9 million towards the realization of the foundation's goals. Establishment of the foundation was for the sole purpose of supporting relatives of the deceased as well as the war survivors from the war crimes. Additionally, the South Korean government through the ministry of foreign affairs disbursed ninety million dollars to the war survivors as well as eighteen million dollars to families of the deceased.

However, the comfort women stories are still as fresh in the Korean community occupied by survivors and relatives of the deceased. There is strong opposition against the deal between Japan and South Korea with demands of a public apology from the Japan administration in recognition of their full responsibility on the war effects. Besides, the deceased relatives and survivors have collaborated with various civil society groups in Korea to counter the peace foundation by establishing a parallel organization, Foundation for Justice and Remembrance. While these are substantive threats towards the peace deal by Japan and South Korea, the magnitude was not felt until the opposition coalition indirectly pricked the Japanese government through the installation of statues of peace. The statues are a representative of young comfort women, a sensitive aspect to Japan that calls for their reaction towards the South Korean government.

The opposition coalition has furthered their resistance to the parliament where for the first time, the ruling party lost its majority during parliamentary elections. Control of the parliament's majority is now in the hands of the chairman and chairwoman that represent the two opposition parties which state their position on the Japan-Korean deal. President Park is undoubtedly having a hard time not only implementing the agreement but also uniting the Korean community that is divided by the peace deal with Japan.

Nonetheless, the final and irreversible peace deal on comfort women as stated on its launch indicate Park administration's determination to put the matter to rest. Despite the intensifying opposition that poses substantive challenges, domestic resistance is not an impossible challenge for the Korean government. War crimes that resulted in deaths and homelessness as told in the comfort women stories are regrettable and cannot be justified. However, Korea is a major state in the Asia-Pacific business and global collaborations thus the need for stability within its borders.

Gradually, the coalition is loosening up as citizens come to an understanding and realization how the two governments are doing their best in consoling and compensating them with interest of a greater good not only for the two countries but the whole region.

The diplomatic move by the two foreign administrations is quite admirable. While victims of war represented by the Korean comfort women take time to heal, the greater good of the region should also go on. This is only possible on the implementation of the deal that will allow further state and regional development activities.

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