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Why Staging Does Not Sell A Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 05 December 2017 15:24
Staged Home Staged Home

Everyone who decides to stage a house in order to sell it should keep in mind one simple idea - only staging will not help you in this process. Surely, staging is widely used in real estate sales, but that’s not all. If you miss other marketing activities, which are important too, the result will not satisfy you.

 Throughout several past years it is possible to notice lots of people, who believe in the promises of real estate agents which represent home staging as the most important part of home sales. As a rule, in a process they forget about other components of successful sale.

 Try to do everything possible to bring a decent cost while attempting to sell your property. Surely, no one wants to sell his house for a low price - usually, the aim of property owners is maximum possible cost. But as a rule such a desire will lead you to wasted time and efforts.

Staging - and especially virtual staging - has become popular lately, and nowadays it is performed by professional home stagers - people who decorate houses with furniture, make repair if necessary. All that helps to make home more attractive for potential buyers. Though staging is able to make property better-looking, facts show that this is not the ultimate weapon in the process of selling a house.


Showing Everything Best

At first sight, staging makes sense, especially if your house doesn’t look presentable. Usually, if a buyer has to make a choice between two or more homes, he selects the one which looks better - and this is quite obvious. But sometimes it happens, that those who are selling a house, have some inflated expectations of staging, so it is necessary to remember that this is not a substitute for all hard work which should be done in order to sell home.


 Experts decided to check how staging influences the sales of property. They created several houses by means of computer programs, some of them were staged and some were not. People were ready to pay almost similar price for these houses, so the staging did not influence much the sales.

Things To Focus On

 First and foremost, you should select the best realtor for you. A professional in the field will demonstrate you the results of his previous work like figures of sales and reviews written by satisfied clients. He will help you with the correct pricing and solve other problems you are likely to face.

You should keep in mind that staging is great only as an icing of a cake - but not the most important thing you are to concentrate on. It will not help to fix such problems as poor marketing, for example.

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