Finding Superior Spokane Home Builders: What to Look for

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If you’re planning on having a new home built in Spokane, you’re probably thinking about what that home is going to look like, how large it’s going to be, finding the right property, etc.  And of course, these are all very important considerations. However, many people become so focused on the home itself that they neglect to carefully consider choosing the right Spokane home builders—something that is just as important as the home itself.  In fact, in some ways, it may even be more important.

Here are some tips on focusing your search so that you find an exceptional home builder.

  1. 1.Have a basic idea of the type of house you want in mind

Not all builders specialize in all types of construction. You don’t need to know every detail, of course, but have an idea of the size of the home, the materials you prefer, and so forth. This will help you find the home builders most suited to your project type.

  1. 2.Create a list of potential builders

There should be local home builder’s association in your area.  Contact them online. They’ll be able to provide you with a list of builders in the region who build the type of house you’re looking for. Going through the home builder’s association also helps to ensure that the builders you eventually choose are properly licensed, etc.

You can also explore local newspapers that have real estate sections. Simply skimming the ads and articles can help you find more names to add to your list. Choose those that seem to be working on similar projects within your budget. 


Another resource for finding out what home builders are available in your area are your local real estate agents. Not all specialize in finding builders, but many do! Check their websites or give them a call.

Finally, word of mouth is a great way to find a good builder. If you know friends, family, or colleagues that have had a home built, ask them if they recommend their builder.  Even if they don’t, at least you know who to avoid!

  1. 3.Research

Now that you have a decent list of options, it’s time to do your research! A phone interview is a great way to start.  Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

  • Do they offer financing?
  • Can they provide you with references—prior clients?
  • Do they offer customizable floor plan options?
  • Does the build price include landscaping, and are there any guarantees involved?
  • Do they offer a warranty program?
  • Where are some of their recent builds?

Next, visit some of the subdivisions that the builders have worked on.  If you go on a weekend day with nice weather, you may even get the opportunity to chat with home owners that are working or relaxing outside.  Ask about any problems they’ve had and the solutions offered by their home builder.

Check for some home builders tips here

Attend home shows and open houses whenever you get the opportunity—this will give you the chance to compare the quality of different builds with their respective costs.  Many builders have model homes, both furnished and unfurnished, and are happy to show them off for you. 


  1. 4.Get a Quote

By now, you should be able to cross some of the names off of the list you’ve compiled.  When you have your list whittled down to just a few options, set up a consultation to receive a quote. You’ll be able to ask more in-depth questions than you did in the phone interview, as well.  Try to get at least three quotes so that you can compare the services and costs of different home builders.  Remember, cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best value—but more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean top quality, either.  Make a list of pros and cons for each home builder on your final list, including over all price, services, materials, etc. You can find more about how to get the best price for a home here.

  1. 5.Make Your Choice!

Now that you can do some direct comparisons between builders, specifically involving your personal project, making your final choice should be easy.  Don’t rush it, though. It’s a good idea to take a few days to mull over any additional questions you might have for the builders.  You might even want to take a week to think it over, do a few last minute visits to the builders’ completed projects, etc.


And that’s it! A quick, concise, and thorough guide to picking the right home builders.  After all, you’re making a life long investment when you commission a home to be built.  You want to make sure that this investment is built to last, and built to make you happy! Choosing the right home builder may in fact be one of the most important decisions you make in your life.  It’s not something to rush through or skimp on. 

Here’s more information about how the home buying process works

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