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7 Ways to Make Your Tiny Home Feel Bigger

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 19:45

Moving into a tiny home or at least a smaller space seems like a dream to some, but no one wants their tiny home to feel small on the inside. Wise use of space is essential in a tiny home, so you don’t feel claustrophobic or closed in, but instead, welcoming despite conservative square footage.

Choose Furniture Carefully

Furniture that goes into your tiny house not only has to be functional, but it needs to serve more than one function. Furniture that can also act as storage is essential, and chairs or loveseats win over couches nearly every time, unless you build them into the wall.

Tables that have lamps integrated for lighting, hanging cabinets and wall mounted electronics all round out the things you really need. Be careful what you pick, as picking items that are too big for the space will make it seem cluttered, and since space is at a premium, coffee tables and other accessories need to be used sparingly. You only want the essentials of a room.

Use Mirrors

We all know that mirrors can help make a space look bigger, and there is nowhere that mirrors are more appropriate than in a tiny house décor scheme. A word of caution though: overuse of mirrors is just as deadly to a space as not using enough of them, and can create a feeling of clutter and confusion.

For example, be sure mirrors are not directly across from one another, so each is not reflecting the other. This makes the contents appear at odds to one another, creating an eerie depth rather than a room enhancing, comforting one.

Strategically placed mirrors, however, can make a small space seem much larger than it is.

Choose Neutral Colors as a Base

Blacks, whites, and earth tones as a base make a small space seem like there is more room. Colors tend to make a small space feel cluttered. Choose a light-colored rug as well: white or light gray is a good choice, because this immediately brightens the room and “opens it up.”

These base colors also give the room a natural feel and make it easy to take the next decorating steps.

Add Pops of Color

Color, used cohesively as an accent, can actually make a space seem bigger. Colors that clash tend to feel like clutter in a small space, but ones that match or harmonize with each other open up that same area. Muted tones that are not too bright add a subtle class to furniture and walls.

This does not mean that you have to skip bright and cheery colors though. Adding pops of a single color throughout a room if well-placed can make the muted tones seem brighter as well. Remember, the more light you reflect, the bigger and brighter a space feels.

Use Texture

This does not mean you have to add texture to walls and ceilings. Adding texture can be as simple as adding baskets and throws, things that are very functional in a small space, but also add a touch of texture.

Think of items that stand out, don’t take up too much space, have great function, and yet have a texture of their own that will add character to your space. Lamps with rope accents or textured shades, wicker side tables that also serve as storage, and more can give your tiny space a whole new look.

Natural Light

When talking about lighting, natural light is always the best, and you can easily bring natural light into a small space to make it appear larger. Skylights, bay windows, and the well-executed use of glass will help brighten a space and provide natural lighting whenever possible.

Bay windows can also serve another function, providing window seating, additional storage under the window seat, and a great accent to what would otherwise be a drab room.

Bring the Outside In

Natural plants are a great way to open up a space, as long as they are not too large and do not take up a great deal of space themselves. These are also better for the air in your room, helping to clean and detox small spaces.

The right flowers can also add scent to a room, provided they are not overwhelming. The subtle floral scents of lily’s, orchids, lilacs, and lavender can greatly enhance the feel of a room, and a small herb garden in a kitchen window can spice up your dinner.

Tiny homes are, well… tiny, but with the right décor, colors, light, and plants, you can make your tiny home feel spacious and comfortable.

How did you open up the space in your tiny home? Do you have any tips for potential tiny home buyers about getting the most out of their space? Share your tips in the comments below.

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