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5 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Activities

Written by Posted On Thursday, 06 December 2018 20:21

These days, people are engaged with social media, and it’s not just because they’re bored, but there are people who are actually using it for unpretentious social interaction and for buying various products. Today, Social Media is at the top of the funnel and not only for sales, but using it to make sales directly. Enrolling with Digital marketing Courses in Pune is the genuine choice you make to gain a boosting power of calling as an expert of Social Media.

Social Media can indeed incorporate sales techniques and also it can be used as a tool for informing, educating and engaging people when used strategically. For example, making use of an Instagram ad in order to promote a current sale with a captivating photo and headline can work wonders.

Herein listed below are a few ways on how to stand out against competitors with your next social media campaign.

  1. 1.Targeting & Remarketing

There are many tools out there to help a marketer save time and also to target the social streams to the right audience. For instance, Facebook ads allows you to set your parameters and takes care of targeting. But at the end it is your job to comprehend your metrics in order to punch in the most successful ones. Although this process generally takes some trial and error but you should be patient and keep trying and testing.

Remarketing is a way to aim ads to people who have formerly visited to your website. Both Facebook and Google have remarketing programs that helps you to retarget on single platforms and programs.

  1. 2.Making Use of the Right Metrics

Choosing the right type of metrics that are imperative for you to track should undoubtedly be a part of your social media strategy. This information can be further utilised correctly in order to update your future strategy. Google Analytics is a decent baseline for metrics measurement and also tools like BuzzSumo and Crawlytics can help.

Though there are a wide range of tools available, but the key is in making use of them to get the data and later interpret the information in stimulating ways to find out closely what your audience is doing. When doing this right, you should only be spending a few hours a month on analytics.

  1. 3.Using Social Media for Customer Service & Engagement

Twitter may seem puzzling or even hopeless to some, but there are many brands that are using it strategically in order to ramp up customer service and consistently maintain confident and positive relationships with their customers. A few examples are listed below:

Xbox has a different Twitter page wholly devoted to support where they feature their hours and provide real-time information on updates, bugs, problems, and wait times.

Using testimonials, quotes and customer insights can go a long way towards creating trust with the audience. The major focus for Adobe Customer Care is creativity, the way in which they run their Twitter page by using it to discuss art made by customers.

  1. 4.Diversifying Your Content

According to Word stream, more than 80% of people using Twitter watch video content and nearly half of social media users view at least an hour of video via YouTube or Facebook daily.

These days video is ruling the social media and it’s something that all are able to create and share. As a result, if you’re at present doing plenty of videos, it is perhaps time to take a more detailed look into what is working. For instance, trying to integrate ads into Instagram stories and editing simple images with cheap or free services similar to Canva in order to keep your content attractive and engaging.

  1. 5.Finding New Ways to Connect

The digital marketing training in Mumbai is different and unique which find new ways to connect than that of outdated marketing, and one of the major part of this is that there is a huge push for authenticity. Concentrating on initiatives that allow customers to identify with their brand, smart brands are taking this idea to the heart.

For example, we’ve all been overwhelmed by advertising that promotes a specific beauty ideal. Dove took it differently by using social media platform for their Real Beauty campaign more than a decade ago. This was indeed a daring move by Dove and they changed the trend from there on. People loved their campaign because it was real and relatable.

Also, smart brands are using consumer information in extraordinary and clever ways in order to institute trust, such as combining bad PR into their marketing platforms and normally discussing their own limitations openly.

It is to be noted that with social media quality victories over quantity. You may be curious to build your follower list in a record time, but paying attention to who is sticking around is more important. At the end it’s your audience who will eventually tell you a lot about what works for your brand and company.

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