6 Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Décor into Your Home

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Weddings have required you to pour time, money, and effort to pull off an unforgettable day that turned your dream into reality. But after everything, what happens to the decorations and other things that you have spent on? It is a shame to let so much go to waste.

Sifting through the décors and memorabilia, you can find something that can make a permanent space in your home. From vases and lights to candles and jars, there are numerous ways to let these sentimental pieces adorn your home, reminding you every day of the special moment when you and the love of your life vowed to cherish each other in sickness and in health.

Jars and Candle Holders 

You must have mason jars with pretty lights on your rustic-themed reception or candle holders from the church. They are not to be thrown away just yet. You can make use of them by incorporating the mason jars on your backyard when you are having your family BBQ nights. The candle holders can be used in your dining table too, as a display or a mood-setter for a romantic dinner with your husband.


Wedding Guestbook 

Traditional couples must have a guestbook on their wedding day. If you are one of them, then your guest books can be retrofitted as a home décor too. It is especially beautiful if your guestbook is something unconventional, like pallet boards, art prints, or hanging wooden letters. They are perfect for your living room or dining room.


Many couples display photos on their wedding reception to serve as decorative backdrops. Some choose wedding signs. Why not use them to fill up bare walls in your home? You can repurpose these wedding decorations to make your living room space a lot more welcoming with a little bit of personal touch. A photo display on your side table or a gallery wall can draw the eyes of your guests. They can also serve as a daily reminder of your special day.

If you do not want to put the photographs up in their raw form, you can always turn them into caricatures and make a wall art out of them. You can try the wedding caricatures from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts where you submit your chosen photos and have them hand draw them into cool caricatures. 



Wedding décors like table signage, champagne glasses, and adorable vases can be displayed at your home as well. You can hang table signage along with your chosen photographs on a gallery wall. Champagne glasses can be put in a display case in your dining room. Vases can be used in numerous occasions. They only need fresh flowers to add a pop of color in your favorite spots. It might also be possible to have leftover cool groomsmen gifts that you can use as display items on your living room shelf.


Cake Trays and Cake Stands 

If you had a dessert table in your wedding, then there must be leftover cake stands and trays that are waiting to be recycled. Why not use them the next time you throw a party? Or better yet, you can spice up any regular meal by displaying your sweet treats on your wedding trays. It is a great way to make an ordinary dinner special.


Hanging Lanterns 

Like the mason jars, hanging lanterns from your wedding reception can also be used to brighten up your backyard. Just add pretty candles in them and you are all set. If you have a porch, you can hang them there to give you a romantic spot during summer nights when you want to spend an evening outside.

Just because your wedding is over does not mean you can just break down the décors and throw them away or let them rot away in storage. These ideas can help you incorporate your lovely wedding décors into your home and bring back those happy memories.


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