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Toys and Rubbish Removal with Clearabee

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 27 March 2019 00:21

Unwanted or broken toys are often discarded with the regular household rubbish collections and inevitably end up in landfill sites. It's such a common problem that some toys are even referred to as landfill toys. These are usually inexpensive toys and novelties such as imitation jewellery, farmyard animals, water pistols, whole armies of toy soldiers and ride on space vehicles to name but a few. Toys give hours of imaginative enjoyment but being abandoned in a landfill site is not much fun for the environment.

Why are Toys sent to Landfill Sites?

Many toys are used to promote popular television programmes, films or comics with characters such as superheroes influencing many playtime activities. As new generations begin to grow up some of these become outdated and the associated toys fall out of favour. Children become bored very easily and often lose interest in the toys that they have spent weeks persuading their parents to buy. Statistics show that 41% of the toys eagerly received at Christmas have often had parts go missing or become broken by the time spring is in the air. And it's so easy to put such toys for rubbish removal in the regular household bins.

How are Toys poisoning the Environment?

The most popular material for many toys is plastic. It's versatile, bright and cheerful and relatively lightweight. Plastic toys are also quick and cost-effective to manufacture and purchase, an important factor when most are regarded as having only a temporary appeal. However, when they are sent to a landfill site, plastic toys soon start contributing to the greenhouse gases which harm the environment. Plastic begins to deteriorate whether it is in sunlight or beneath ground and releases volatile gases such as methane and ethylene which are adding to the greenhouse effect. Plastic is derived from oil or petrol and its related toxins can filter out into the environment for years to come. Some toys are accidentally sent to the tip with batteries still inside them adding further poisons such as cadmium and mercury which can leak into local water supplies.

Alternatives to Toy Rubbish Removal

There are many alternatives to sending your children's toys to a landfill site. Check with your local authority to find out if any of the libraries operate a lending service which enables children to borrow toys. Playgroups and charity shops always welcome donations of toys that are still serviceable. When purchasing new toys why not consider those that are made of environmentally-friendly alternatives such as wood?

Toy Packaging

Toys always contain excessive packaging to make them look bigger and more exciting. In many cases the packaging becomes greater fun to play with than the toy itself. Packaging adds at least 20% to the overall expense of a toy. Current estimates suggest that up to 800,000 tonnes of toy packaging ends up in a landfill site every year.

Rubbish Removal for Toys that are broken

A better solution to sending broken toys to a landfill site is to contact Clearabee who are experts at safe rubbish removal. A man with a van will collect on the same day or you can opt for a convenient Bee Bag that's available in a choice of useful sizes. You can sort out those unwanted toys at your own pace and arrange for collection at a time that suits you. With Clearabee rubbish removal services you can be confident that up to 90% of your toy clutter will be recycled.

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