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Simple Tricks to Extracting Real Estate Listings

Written by Posted On Monday, 15 April 2019 03:34

There are many reasons why people extract real estate listings from websites. You may be hunting for a property and want to select from a list of the very best, or you are looking to do some deep analysis for your own business. Whatever your reasons are, you will need a website scraper and a good online proxy among other tools, to the job and you need to know how to do it right.

Follow some of the basic tips listed here for a successful real estate listings scrapping:

Use a Generic Web Scraper

You don’t have to dig deep for a real estate listings-specific web scrapper. Just configure a generic scraper to get the data you want, as it would also be useful for your other scraping needs. Trust me; it is more efficient and cost effective.

Stay Hidden!

There’s still a crackdown on people extracting real estate listings. The industry years before now, collaborated with some technology network to detect the activity and stop people who scrap data off real estate websites. You need to be smart in your moves.

Use the Right Web Proxy

You absolutely will need a web proxy (or a proxy app) to do this, and much more than one. Get some proxies and use them in rotation. As your IP address rotates, it will look like the website is accessed by different people. Of course, it will not be you rotating the proxies manually as your scraper will do that for you. Just enter your proxy config. info into the tool, and the application will take it from there. As the scraper switch each proxy out, it will seem as if someone else just visit this site right here. You will get the protection you need from this as you scrape the listings.

You are also advised to get a private web proxy, instead of a public one. A public proxy site may not be effective as it may have been banned even before you get to use it.

How to Configure Your Scraping Tool

You need more than just a proxy to stay anonymous. After you may have selected a private web proxy, your scraper has to be configured to keep you unnoticed and prevent the website technology to notice you’re using a Bot. the secret is to make your scrapper look human. Study how humans surf websites and adjust your scraper settings to do the same.

Do not take more than You Need

Efficiency also means focus. Go for what you need and no more. Don’t go for pictures when what you really need is only the data. You will make the process longer. Take exactly what you need to scrape and leave the others for another day.

Cache and Record as You Scrape

When you cache the pages you have scraped, you reduce the server load and speed up the process. It improves your efficiency as the scraper will view the cached version upon your next visit to that page, instead of going all back to the page again. Once cached, create a file for all the cached pages and update them as you go. This keeps you at the top of your game.

Take care of the CAPTCHAs

The solution to this is to get scrapers that have CAPTCHA solvers as add-ons. This will go a long way helping you overcome the scrappers.

Listing Additional Info

  • State: Alabama
  • Address: 1234
  • City: ny
  • Zipcode: 10001
  • SOLD: no
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