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Why Window Shutter Blinds Are The Most Popular Energy Efficient Window Treatment Available Today

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The world is at a tipping point, and you have the ability to turn it towards a healthier, brighter future. After all, it is not the efforts of one person who manages to live perfectly in harmony with the environment that will save it, it will only happen when all of us do our part to make the world a greener place.

With the right strategies and choices, this green approach to live can actually cost you less. Particularly in regards to energy efficiency, your home could increase in value and enjoy lowered utilities bills just by making smart design choices.


You use the environment around you. By strategically using window treatments you can direct airflow, control light, and use both to your advantage. With the right treatment, you will be able to increase the amount of wind and reduce the sunlight in summer. In winter, you will be able to let the light in and warm your home whenever it’s sunny outside or to use your treatments as an extra layer of insulation to keep your heat in.

There are many reasons why you need window treatments, and one of the most popular options today are window shutter blinds. Here’s why window shutter blinds are beneficial when it comes to being more energy efficient.

History of Window Shutters

Window shutters are a very familiar feature throughout our history. In fact, if you own a period home or an older home, you likely already have them installed. They were placed on either the outside of a property or on the inside, and were a vital edition to keep out the elements and protect the thin, single-paned and unglazed windows that were common during that time.

They were also a key safety feature in many homes. When indoors, they were used to protect the tenants against intruders, whereas outside shutters were used to protect windows from the elements and even citizens that might get too rowdy at night.

These history shutters were most commonly used during the 18th and 19th centuries, though many that have survived to today have often been regulated to decorative pieces. In some cases, they might be too painted over to even open, in other cases, they might be too frail.

These old shutters were solid wood and were terrible for letting light in. When you consider that most window treatments remain in the same place for more than ¾ of the day, if they are moved at all, a good option for future window treatments is a shutter that can do it all.

With today’s shutter blinds, you can. In fact, they are so effective in managing the elements that they can help every home become more energy efficient. There are also a variety of shutters available, from both external to internal (also known as plantation) shutters.

Importance of Window Coverings

Window treatments of any kind are actually rather essential for any home. One of the most obvious reasons is their ability to provide privacy. Unless you live in a very isolated location (in which you would want external shutters for their ability to provide better insulation to your home), you will need window treatments to give you the comfort a home deserves.

The right window treatment can also enhance your interior design and external kerb appeal. It is for this reason that a custom window treatment can actually improve the value of your home. The amount of natural light that enters a home is a huge factor for home buyers, but custom window treatments that fit windows perfectly, make them into an artistic feature in the home and offer greater privacy are a match made in heaven.

On top of all that, however, is the biggest benefit to window treatments like shutter blinds, which is their ability to lower your home’s utilities bill. Quality window coverings can help improve your window’s insulation, keeping heat exactly where you want it to be. In winter, they can be closed at night to keep heat from escaping. In summer they can be closed against the sun to keep your home shaded and cool. When your windows are responsible for 30% of your property’s heat loss, you need a cost-effective way to improve their insulation fast.

Window shutters, in particular, are great for summers because they can be adjusted to prevent sun from entering, but still manage to let air through. The sun that enters your home’s windows, after all, will convert mostly into heat, and during a heatwave more heat is the last thing you want.

The material that your window treatments are made of also matters. Some absorb heat, while others like window shutters can be coated to improve their ability to block out sun or insulate heat.

Types of Window Coverings

There are a variety of window coverings to choose from. Window shutters today happen to be one of the most diverse in the range. They can be custom made to fit any shape and suit any purpose, and come in a wide variety of materials. Just look at the options available on Shutters are a very popular, traditional, and energy efficient way to dress up your home and reduce your energy consumption all at once. Some of the most popular types of these shutters include:


Skylights can be the perfect solution for a dark room like an attic, and can be very beneficial in winter to heat up an otherwise cold area. In summer, however, they can be horrible, which is why window coverings are so useful. However, not many options on the market suit ceiling-embedded windows. Shutters can, and with their ability to direct light allow you to diffuse the light as you please, rather than other options which offer an all-or-nothing approach to light.

Bay Windows

Bay windows can be difficult to treat without a very expensive track. When you opt for window shutters, however, you can have a custom shutter placed within each frame, giving you more floor space, more insulation, and better light control. As a bonus, they also provide excellent kerb appeal and can boost your home’s value.

Add an Integrated Blind

You can easily combine both light blocking shades and the insulating power of shutters for double the control over the light, heat, and airflow in your home.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

For greater control you can install tier-on-tier window shutters, which not only make for easy cleaning but can also be changed throughout the day. Perhaps you have a hot sun coming in, but it only enters through the lower half of your windows. By closing the lower half of your shutter and keeping the upper tier open, you can benefit from natural light and a cooler home.

Conservatory Shutters

Conservatories can be a great addition to any home, but due to their glass-based structure they can be quite cold during winter and boiling hot during the summer. With specially designed shutters you can keep your property as warm or cool as you want it to be. In winter, the shutters can be closed to protect from the wind while sunlight warms the space.

Why Window Shutter Blinds are the Most Popular

Window shutter blinds are the most popular energy efficient windows on the market for a reason, or, more accurately, for six main reasons:

1.    Insulating

As stated previously, the physical nature of the shutter adds an extra layer to your window. Think of them as another pane. They are most effective when placed outside, particularly on the first floor. With external shutters, you can keep out the rain, wind, and snow. Internally you can add a buffer so that heat is less likely to escape your home. With either option you will see a reduction in heat loss or heat gain up to 50%. This heat loss can help you save upwards of 20% on your utility bill. This is a huge increase from curtains, which boast a mere 30% heat loss or gain ability.

What’s more, some materials are thermally dynamic, so they will reject cold before it has a chance to enter your property, increasing their energy efficiency and providing your home with a smart insulating solution.

2.    Privacy

The main concern of homeowners in urban areas is privacy. With window shutters you can gain complete control over your privacy, as they can be tilted to allow light in, but make it impossible to see inside from the street.

3.    Aesthetic

Window shutters are incredibly beautiful and have been known to increase a property’s value. They also come in a wide variety of materials, textures, and colours, and therefore can be not just custom fit to your window, but custom fit to your interior design as well.

4.    Cost-Effectiveness

Depending on the type of material you choose and the type of window you intend to cover, window shutters can be incredibly cost-effective. Add into the heating or cooling costs you would have otherwise used without them, and you will find that they pay for themselves over the years due to their energy efficient nature.

5.    Security

Add aluminium window shutters to your lower floor windows and you won’t have to worry about trespassers or people breaking into your open window. You can instead lock these shutters in place, open their slats, and enjoy greater airflow throughout the summer. You won’t have to lock up your home and suffer in the stale air during a heatwave ever again.

Their security benefits don’t just end there, however. As you will be able to let natural light into your home without necessarily opening the shutter entirely you would be able to keep the contents of your home out of sight from the street, making your property a less likely target to be burgled.

6.    Allergies

Curtains and fabric drapes attract and catch dust. They are also notoriously difficult to clean. By choosing a window shutter, you choose a product that is incredibly easy to clean. All you need to do is close the shades, wipe it down or dust it, and you will be benefit from a reduction in your allergies.

Combined, these window shutters will help you:

•    Reduce your energy bill by improving heat retention or by keeping it out.
•    Reduce your energy bill by allowing you to control the light in your home.
•    Improve airflow while maintaining privacy and security.
•    Look great on your windows.
•    Protect your windows from external elements if they are installed outside.

How to Maximize Your Window Treatment’s Effectiveness

There are a few ways that you can maximize your window treatment’s effectiveness, including:

Choose the Right Material
The type of material you choose is critical to boosting your shutter’s effectiveness in insulating and protecting your home. If you want to be able to open up your windows at night, for example, you will want to choose Porchester, which is made up of architectural grade aluminium and is CCE certified. As it can be locked, but its slates kept open for air circulation, this can help keep you and your family cool and safe in a hot summer night.

Other materials include sustainably sourced hardwood for premium designs and great insulation, or even the plastic Java material that is ideal for moisture-rich rooms like bathrooms. You wouldn’t want to put wood shutters on your bathroom window, as it could rot, but with the design choices and colours available, you should be able to match your window treatment around your home and yet benefit from a variety of materials to suit that room’s needs.

Actively Change Your Shutter Positions
Another way to improve your shutter’s energy efficiency is to actually change them as the day goes on. You don’t have to do this for every shutter, but for rooms you spend the most time, it is the best way to improve efficiency and comfort. For example, in summer you might want to tilt all the slats so that the sun doesn’t enter your room, but keep them open with the windows to improve airflow. In winter during a storm, keeping them all sealed shut will improve heat retention.

Shutters are beautiful, can be custom fit to any window type, and are the best treatment out there to improve insulation (up to 50%) in your home. This will save you money, improve your comfort levels, security, and privacy all at once.

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