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Switching to LED? Here’s What You Need to Know

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 07 May 2019 09:11

LED or light emitting diode is the advance fixture for tubes; just one of it’s enough to pour enough light in an entire room. Although this was invented a decade ago, people didn’t adapt to it in a large aspect. However, if you go for the same, you will get the best of your investment.

LED replaces the normal high-intensity discharge lamps to the fixture that gives a proper spectrum, distributes light in the grow space and so on. If you are switching to LED this year, then there are so many important things you need to know. From the details of the led grow light reviews, you will get to know more about the usage of it. Here, we have covered the same topic for your better understanding.

The fixture and the spectrum

If you have a plantation in a room, then you must know that the growth of it is driven towards the spectrum of light. Also, the shape of the LED has a huge impact on the focus provided on the canopy. If you implant a huge amount of blue lights, then it will not help the plants grow and they will gradually become shorter. The same outcome will occur when you use, darker pigment, infused with terpenes and cannabinoids.

In the case of red light, it’s a very powerful instigator of photosynthesis, where orange, green, and yellow ones give only a fraction of energy to the plants. There are types of LEDs which provide a specific wavelength which attempts to conserve electricity by giving isolated colors. On the other hand, this neglects the capacity of the plants and the absorption power of it in a wide range of spectra.

This is also crucial for you to understand that you will not be able to take down an HID fixture and replace it with LED, at least at the same spot, and you will not get the same result too. An LED fixture can emit a huge amount of light, but the intensity of it lowers when you move away from it. You will get to know about this if you read led grow light reviews.

This is the main reason LED fixtures are capable of providing more light in a huge space, and it will not work properly in a crowded small center, where HID works the best.  

The Penetration of light and Spectrum

When intercepted by leaf, light s capable of doing two things. It absorbs the energy from the growth, or it’s taken as a signal. Blue or red lights are absorbed rapidly by the top section leaves, and there is a small amount goes to the lower canopy. Other than this, green, yellow, orange has less impact on the plants and they pass through the leaves.

As red and blue light is absorbed by the upper part of the canopy and is capable of providing much energy to the plant, it’s important to give the middle wavelengths that allow the whole plant to photosynthesis.

The heat of LED is different

LED doesn’t give radiant heat, and you can come close to the fixture without feeling the stress of heat. In some lights, you can go close to even six inches. Here, with a balanced spectrum, you can move the lights near to the canopy and you can change the intensity of the light as well.

The number of photons

Wattage is the amount of electricity in a light, but this is not the energy supplied to the plants. In HID the electricity is converted into IR which is not useful for the growth of plants.

There are several lights in the market that use the value of photosynthesis photon flux density for the indications of the light amount that has been emitted from the fixture that is mainly used for plants.

The moment you select LED fixture, you need to look for the value which is joined with the footprints of light, just to determine the amount of energy you want to provide to your plants.

When you will design the growing of your plants, you must consider using the LED fixtures. HID is there to put off a huge amount of light but creates extra heat. The LED fixtures will allow you to grow in a small and confined place, and there will be a lower cost for the energy too, where you won’t have to compromise with the growth or the quality as well.

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