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How to Hang Your Curtains in Style?

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 May 2019 22:21
How to Hang Your Curtains in Style?

In the room, curtains add beauty and play a vital role to finished design. Drapes are really important to all the homes and offices for different reasons. Online you are effectively able to get them according to your choice at your price range. There are different styles and types that are available and are used for different functions.

No doubt that the beautiful treatment of windows can transform the boring space into an interesting one with no means of time. Nowadays the most common trend that is adopting is the floor length curtains. Hang curtains on panel rod or any other decorative curtain rod with the finals.

The simple and elegant look of the curtains always becomes the symbol of decoration. If the window owns the lovely architectural style, curtains will complete the design of the room. This is the final layer that finished the décor.

Following is the list of the ways to hang the curtains at home in style with success. The window treatments included the valances are also discussed in detail and will guide you well.

Hang Curtains High

For the stylish and professional looking, hang the curtains high. This will increase the beauty and also attract the audience. This will also give the room an illusion of the taller room in addition to the luxurious feel. The valance or the poles of the drapes should be minimum 4 inches and max will be 12 inches above the window. This should be done with care and according to the room décor.

If the curtains on the window are hung at the right and proper height they will give you the perfect look. To give a room a great texture and stylish feel height matters. If you are not professional and have zero experience in hanging the curtains then it is best to take the advice instead of making unnecessary holes in the wall.

Create Height illusion With The Help Of Shade

If you are not able to give the required height to the curtains them here is the trick to do so. This helps in making the window look important and tall. Hang the curtains rod above the frame of the window at least 12 inches or roman shade under the pole or you can also hang a bamboo. The treatment of the windows when combine with the height of the curtains will gives the illusion of a taller room. This also adds the design. Hung the high will give the large space feel without having.

Extend The Width Of The Rod Of Window Curtains

When you are installing the curtains at home, it is always necessary to extend the rod in width from the poles. It should be at least 3 inches from the frame of the window. The main reason to do so is listed below. Have a look and take the right decision.

It will give the illusion of the large window installation in the place.

It allows entering more sunlight in the room when needed.

It also prevents the sides of the window shadow.

The width add the visual appeal by increasing the glass revelation instead of the cramped curtains.

When you hang the living room curtains in open position in the room, you have to measure the entire panel 12 inches in the width. This will give the great stunning look of the room only when you also select the curtain that is stylish and trendy. You can also select it from the Imperial Rooms. It is the perfect choice to visit and place the order according to your pocket.

Steam Curtains Before Hanging

Before hanging the curtain at any place it is always an important task to press or steam the curtains. This will eliminate the folds or the wrinkles that give a bad impression to the viewer. This is the fundamental rule and is an amazing task that must be performing often after the cleaning. If you are thinking that you can hang without steaming and the wrinkles will be removed with the passage of time then you are wrong. They do not.

It is good if you press the cotton, silk, cotton-silk fabric of the curtains to remove wrinkles at low speed. This will give them a great look and improves their appearance as well. Before hanging this is the essential rule to do so.

Use Creative Hem Finishes To Adjust Curtain Length

For the lined or the silk curtains, the hem finish is called the trouser kick. In this manner, the curtains have to touch the floor of the room and should be 3 inches longer than the breaks and the flush. This is just like the trouser that touches the top of the foot.

The other way to finish the curtain bottom is known as the puddle finish. In this kind, the hem is the obligatory thing. In this situation, the curtains are made 9 to 2 inches long and are puffed on the floor.

It is best to adjust the length of the curtains; this will complete the room look and make it look good and extraordinary better. If you hang in a great manner, the cheap and simple curtains will also furnish you the stylish look.

Add Width Too Short Curtains

When the panel of the curtains is too short then the width of the fabric should be added at the bottom. It is in the solid color and in some great coordinating pattern that appeals to the design and gives the curtains a custom made look. This is a good and inexpensive way to improve the look and feel of the room. Hang the curtains for the quick new feel.


Curtains and the drapes are really essential for all the places to prevent the heat, dust and the privacy of the placed. If you hang it perfectly it will complete the look of the room else this will be a complete disaster of the décor. Select the great fabric fusion to bind them together for an enormous feel. Follow all the above steps to make your dreams come true.

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