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6 Amazing Sites to Help You Find a Home Listing

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 19 June 2019 23:39

Searching for the perfect home can be tough. Here are some sites to help you expedite the process and find you the best home listing for you.

Do you know that staged homes spend about half the time in the market compared to non-staged homes? They also sell more than 6% above the price list!

So, if you’re looking for a home, you know where to start — don’t you?

The real estate market is mostly characterized by shaky consumer confidence and fluctuating mortgage rates, which makes finding a home tough.

However, with real estate websites, it’s much simpler and more convenient to hunt for your new home. This is made possible thanks to the easy-to-use filters that will help you narrow down your search.

Searching for the perfect home can be tough. Here are some sites to help you expedite the process and find you the best home listing for you.


This website is an excellent place to find a home. It offers huge assortments of listings (which can be customized based on what you want), local mortgage rates, and apartment listings.

The listing updates every 15 minutes from over nine hundred listing services across the United States. You also have access to housing and rental market overviews.

This means that you can get graphic profiles for information on a city’s demand, like whether it’s cheaper to buy or rent, the typical climate, as well as the cost of living and employment.

There are also colorful charts to help new clients learn about the crime index, educational background, household income, and age distribution of a neighborhood.

The website has access to multiple listing services across the United States, so the database streams “the most accurate and up-to-date” listing to the website.


This website comes highly rated by homeowners, thanks to the more than 100 million listings (with Google Earth views).

The website provides users with estimated market value using publicly available data. Also, users can participate in advice forums and ask questions in their online community.

If you save a home you’re interested in, the website will trigger email updates on open house dates, as well as their price changes.

You’ll also get notifications of any new listings around the area. What’s more, all the updates and searches sync with your tablet and mobile devices.

Zillow offers plenty of additional resources for homeowners and homebuyers. For instance, the “It's Home” feature offers different home improvement inspiration, such as photos that come with embedded links to the source for featured design products.


At Xome, you don’t just have the chance to shop for homes online, but you can purchase the homes, too.

What makes the website attractive to prospective buyers is Xome’s savings program. You get 1% off of your total transaction when you use one of their agents. This is, however, limited to particular states due to applicable state laws.

When buying a home, Xome’s concierge service will provide you with all the resources you nee,d including access to your agent via phone, email, and live chat.

The website also provides real-time data, as well as different tools that can easily manage the buying process.


Trulia is an incredibly user-friendly website where users can view listings in the map, list, and photo format.

They’ve also got a tagline, ”get the inside scoop,” and here users can get reviews from residents, crime reports, and price trends.

Trulia also has a fun and intuitive mobile application, so you can always tap and view more than 3.5 million properties listing with ease.

The app saves up a collection of the interesting homes within your area using themes such as “safer areas” or ”updated kitchen.” You can also easily share and save photos.

All you have to do is tap on the heart icon on the photo corner. This will save and collect the photo on a board. This way, you can invite friends to share your board via Facebook or email.


If you’re unsure where to find new home listings, is an excellent place to begin your search.

The website breaks down its listings into categories, from classifieds and foreclosures to new construction, rentals, and broker listings.

Thanks to’s guides, resources on their blog, and real estate professionals available to chat, the process of buying a home is simplified.

You can easily filter your search option to fit your personal needs, such as the type of property, the number of baths and beds you desire, the maximum and minimum price range you need, and the location you wish to stay.

It’s also one of the few real estate websites with its open house tab, and the same goes for auctions and foreclosures.


At, you’ll get in-depth market analysis and demographic information for neighborhoods.

The website displays information as specific as a detailed inventory of market trends, sortable nearby amenities, and average commute time. You’ll also find the free home value estimator offered by the website handy.

Explore Top Websites to Find New Home Listings!

If you’re looking to find new home listings online, is worth checking out. It features over 100 million listings and users get to ask questions and participate in advice forums within the online community.

If you’re looking to make a saving by purchasing your home through a real estate agent, then is an excellent option. Apart from the 1% discount off the total purchase, you still get all the resources you need including access to an agent via live chat, email, and phone.

Real estate websites such as provide an inventory of the market trends, average commute time, and sortable nearby amenities to ease your search.

For an up-to-date listing of homes, is your best bet. 

Are you looking to buy your home through a real estate agent?

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