6 Reasons to Buy a Property With a Well-Maintained Lawn

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 10 July 2019 22:29

Is it time for you to buy a new property? Look for one with a lush and healthy lawn.

Having a well-maintained lawn offers plenty of benefits. Aside from enhancing the aesthetic and curb appeal of the entire property, a grassy yard tends to add to the property value as well.

While most people try to enhance their home’s value by redoing the interior, a professionally landscaped and well-maintained lawn may prove to be a better choice for buyers. And that’s not just because lawn care experts in Ballwin, Missouri say it is so – it is also a known fact supported by research including one conducted by Michigan State University. The report reveals a beautiful lawn can increase real estate value by as much as 11 percent.

Still unconvinced? Here are six more reasons why you should invest in a property that has a healthy, attractive lawn:

  1. Lawns Extend Living Space

Aside from adding to a property’s curb appeal, lawns actually serve a purpose: they extend the living space. Aesthetics aside, healthy green lawns are a great outdoor space for your family. It is also a good place for entertaining guests as it provides enough elbow room for more people compared to the confines of a house.

Plus, having a lawn means your children (and pets) can play rough all they want without the risk of damaging expensive vases and frames inside the house. It is also a good place to spend quality time with your loved ones by having picnics and barbecues.

  1. Lawns Help Keep the Air Clean

As you may already know, plants help keep the air clean by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. While the abundance of oxygen is most welcome, having a grassy lawn means you’re also trapping carbon dioxide that can be harmful to humans and pets.

Aside from that, grass on the lawn can help trap dust and keep it out of the air – another way your lawn enables you to breathe easily. With dust out of the air, you should also expect cleaner home interiors, windows, and vehicles.

  1. Lawns Help Ease Stress and Promote Relaxation

People who spend most of their time working indoors or in a fast-paced run around town need a place to relax. Lawns are the answer for both scenarios.

Just imagine going home from a stressful day at work and seeing your lush, green turf where you can kick back and relax. Add a hammock or a lounge chair to the mix, and you have your own brand of paradise in your property. Having a quick and inexpensive way to achieve relaxation through your lawn is priceless.

Research has also shown that instant access to green spaces, be it a backyard forest or a grassy lawn, not only eases a person’s stress levels but also helps boost productivity and improve overall mood.

  1. Lawns Provide a Way to Reduce Erosion Risk

Having lawns is generally a great way to help nurture the environment, but it becomes even more useful if it is maintained professionally. This is because lawns with strong grassroots are effective in preventing soil erosion even through rain, wind, and the runoff from melting snow.

A healthy lawn also provides habitat for several organisms that help keep the root systems of garden plants, trees, and shrubs strong.

To ensure the health of grassroots in your lawn, you can seek help from lawn care professionals in Manchester, Missouri.

  1. Lawns Reduce Noise Pollution

Urbanized communities have seen a rise in the number of rooftop green spaces because they foster cleaner air and a cooler environment. However, there’s another benefit to these rooftop greenhouses that many people aren’t aware of: the reduction of noise pollution.

Investing in a property with an abundant and healthy lawn is also believed to help with noise pollution. Rather than reflecting or amplifying it, grassy yards absorb the noise, therebyaiding in the reduction of unwanted sounds in a neighborhood.

  1. Lawns Make Your Property Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is another crucial benefit that lawns can offer. Since itabsorbs heat from the sun, a grassy turf effectively makes the property much cooler, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning and taking a great load off of your house’s cooling system.

Beyond Real Estate

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a real estate property to buy, and lawns should be one of them. If maintained well enough, these verdant spaces can offer you a lot more than what you pay for, making them not only an excellent investment but also a priceless addition to your home.

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