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The Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Written by Posted On Friday, 23 August 2019 04:40

No matter what part of Australia you live in, you’ll have to contend with balancing energy consumption in your home. During the summer and winter, electricity bills tend to spike. Air conditioning units are needed to cool down your home during the summer and heating systems carry heat around your house when the temperatures drop in winter. Solar panels are a great way of cutting costs and managing your own energy.

Dramatically Reduce or Eliminate Monthly Bills

The moment you choose to switch to solar power, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in energy consumption. If you install the best home battery in Adelaide, it will manage all the solar power in your house. This means nothing gets wasted or accumulates, excess power is sent back to the grid once the battery is fully charged. Your solar panels will convert the sun’s rays during the day while it is hot, and during the night your battery will power your home when the sun goes down.

Solar panels continue to draw energy from the sun even when it is cloudy, these locations still get on average 2 hours of sun per day. A sunny location, such as South Australia, gets on average about 6 hours of sunlight a day. If you install solar panels, this energy is all kept in your home battery storage in SA. All this energy is then used to power your home, reducing and most of the time eliminating electricity bills.


Did you know that you may be entitled to solar energy systems at a reduced cost? Thanks to a new government initiative, a huge number of Australian homeowners are able to benefit from affordable, renewable energy. This means you could potentially spend 15,000 dollars on a modern, clean energy system that would normally cost 20,000, through direct subsidies and low interest rate loans, you could save a massive 5,000 dollars on a residential solar energy system. South Australian property owners should take advantage of this initiative while it lasts because you never know what could change in the future. Homeowners must work with a qualified system provider to qualify for a subsidy, so check before you hire an installation team.

Saving Money from the Offset

You literally start saving money from day one when you install a state-of-the-art solar energy system in your home. Annual energy costs can run into the thousands for homeowners each year, this includes transportation and domestic energy. The moment you fit solar panels to your property, they immediately start to cut your energy bills. When you think about, it is free to harness the energy of the sun, so the long-term savings are incredible.

Aside from the points mentioned in this article, solar energy is highly beneficial when it comes to the environment. It is without a doubt the biggest advantages associated with installing solar panels and a smart management system in your home. Fossil fuels emit harmful gases that do untold damage to our environment, using clean energy in your home is a great way to tackle global warming.

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