Is it Time to Replace Your Front Door? 10 Signs to Look for

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The average homeowner only stays in their house for about 13 years. But if you plan on living in your house longer than that or move into an old home, you’ll need to prepare for some home improvements.

Unfortunately, many of those home improvements might not be as obvious as you think. And one of the most overlooked improvements is replacing the front door.

Of course, not all front doors need to get replaced as soon as you start making improvements to the rest of the property. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement.

1. The Front Door Looks Warped

The front door acts as a barrier between your home and the elements. This means it’s constantly exposed to the temperature-controlled dry air in your home and the humid air outside.

That variation in temperature can cause the materials to swell and shrink. The result is a door that’s visibly warped inside the frame.

If you notice that your door looks like it’s bubbling out in one spot and caving in on another, it’s time to replace it.

2. You Notice Condensation on the Inside

When doors get old and damaged, they lose their ability to keep the temperatures from the outside from impacting your entryway. This creates a layer of condensation on the inside of your door.

If you find that you’re constantly wiping up small drops of water in your entryway or see condensation running down the panel, it’s time for an upgrade.

Even small amounts of water can lead to extensive water damage if left unrepaired. Replacing the door will help keep moisture levels to a minimum, making your house safer.

3. It’s Tough to Open or Close

Doors should sit inside the door frame with enough clearance to open and close easily. As the materials age, they can swell and warp, making it harder to open and close the door.

If you’ve noticed that you’re constantly struggling to shut the door when you leave and have to tug it open, it’s time to ditch your old door.

New doors and the new framing materials will glide open and closed easily. No more throwing your weight around to get the panel to budge.

4. The Hardware Is Rusty

Every door, no matter what type, has metal hardware. Think of the hinges, the lock plate, the lock, and the doorknob.

Unfortunately, metal can and will rust, especially when the protective coatings installed by the manufacturer wear off.

Take a look at the hardware. If it’s rusty, it’s time to replace your door. Sure, you could replace just the hardware, but your home exterior will look nicer if you replace the entire door, hardware and all.

5. You Feel the Wind When It’s Closed

Warping isn’t always noticeable. And even a slight change in the door’s surface can leave gaps large enough for the wind to slip inside.

If you feel a constant draft by your door, get it replaced. This will help keep your home more comfortable and reduces the likelihood of condensation and insects getting inside your house.

6. The Door’s Cracked

The front door gets a lot of use and abuse. It’s slammed shut when you’re in a hurry, has newspapers thrown at it, and suffers hundreds of little impacts each month.

Those impacts create vibrations that can contribute to cracks and dents in the door’s material. If the door looks cracked, it’s no longer strong and won’t be able to keep your family safe against the elements or intruders.

Get rid of that old cracked door as soon as you can and replace it with a new one.

7. You’re Ready for a Security Upgrade

Believe it or not, some doors are more secure than others. And if you’re seeing a spike in crime near your home, it’s best to upgrade your security efforts.

Replace your old front door with a sturdy security-rated model. These are often reinforced with steel and can support more heavy-duty locks to keep thieves and vandals out of your home.

8. It Looks Dated

Doors often get installed when the house gets built. This means they’re stuck in the same decade as the rest of your construction. But while siding and paint can stand the test of time, doors often look dated quickly.

If you’ve noticed that your door doesn’t match your home’s exterior or feel that it looks several decades out of touch, replace it. Upgrading your door can breathe new life into your home's exterior.

9. Your Energy Bills Are Excessively High

Believe it or not, your door can let in tons of warm or cold air depending on the season. And it doesn’t even have to be open to do it.

Sometimes, it’s just so old that the insulation inside the door isn’t enough. When this happens, you’ll likely see an increase in your heating or cooling costs.

The last thing you want to do is pay for your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable only to send that temperature-controlled air right outside.

Replacing your door can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. And if you choose an Energy Star rated entry system as the replacement, you’ll save even more on your energy costs.

10. You Want More Natural Light

Solid wood doors are great and secure. But they can make any entry area feel dim and claustrophobic.

If you’re tired of having to turn the lights on during the day so you can make sure you have everything before you step outside, it’s time to upgrade.

Doors with windows bring in plenty of natural light and make even the smallest spaces feel more open. Best of all, these windows are smaller and easy to keep clean so you won’t have to worry about making your list of chores much longer.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Front Door?

Replacing your front door is a great way to upgrade your home. But it’s not something you have to rush into.

Take a look at your door’s condition. If it shows any of these signs, it’s worth considering a replacement. But if it’s just looking a little worn, a new coat of paint might be all you need.

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