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Winter Efficiency: 5 Ways to Lower Your Heat Bills in the Winter

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 09 October 2019 03:52

Winter is coming, but so are high electric bills for heating your home. It's time to make some improvements. Read on to learn how to save on your heat bills.

Winter is the coldest time of the year and in some regions, brings about temperatures that drop 50 degrees or more below local averages. When these rapid temperature changes occur, most households will put their heaters to work to maintain some semblance of comfort in their living spaces.

That extra heat can cost hundreds of extra dollars.

If you're concerned about the high heat bills that are going to blow into town alongside winter's icy weather, keep reading. In this brief post, we share simple and affordable tips that you can use to keep your house comfortable without breaking the bank.

1. Watch Out for Electric Heaters

Some people move into apartments that don't have gas and consequently, leverage electric heaters. Other households have furnaces but opt for an external electric heater anyway because their gas heaters are experiencing these signs of malfunction.

In either case, electric heater users are always going to spend more money warming their houses than they would if they were using gas.

If it's a possibility, to reduce your heat bills, do what you can to use your gas furnace to warm your home or spend extra money to ensure that your electric heater is efficient.

2. Patch up Your Home's Insulation

The fewer places that heat can escape your house, the cheaper your heating bills are going to be. Cracks between doorways and the floor should get plugged with a blanket. Cracks around your windows should be filled in with chalking.

More complicated insulation problems like those being caused by roofing issues should be looked over by a professional.

3. Concentrate Heat on Rooms That Are in Use

If your family congregates in your living room after work/school, heat that area and leave your other rooms cool until the evening when they're in use. By focusing your heat on the places where it's needed most, you can decrease your utility usage significantly.

4. Shrink Wrap Windows

Windows are among the biggest culprits when it comes to heating loss. To improve your window's ability to retain heat, take a sheet of shrink wrap and cover them.

Shrink Wrap over windows can help you keep as much as 55% of your home's heat during cold months.

5. Dress Cozy

Don't make your heater's job harder than it needs to be by walking around your house in underwear and a tank-top during the winter. Invest in comfortable, warm clothes that you can wear whenever you get home to keep your body insulated.

That way, you can keep your house a little bit cooler without sacrificing any comfort.

With Our Tips, You'll Make Your High Heat Bills a Thing of the Past

Skyrocketing heat bills can be problematic for the average household. Fortunately, by leveraging our suggestions, you can bring a sense of normalcy to your heating which will enable you to withstand winter's discomforts without having to put off contributing to other important things in your life.

For more pragmatic tips on all things related to housing, read more of the newest content that we have up on our blog!

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