Tips To Find Land for Your House

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It could be to build your tiny house on or to start a homestead, many of us want a little place to call our own. Finding and buying land is a tricky thing, but there are some things we can do to help making finding land a little easier.

Before we start looking it’s really important to understand what we actually are looking for and to that we need to understand what we actually need our land to do. Many of us dream of a 100 beautiful acres with a nice river, great views and easy access, but the reality of managing that much land would be too much for most people.

Determine the area

When it comes to land we all know the saying: “location, location, location”. It comes down to two main factors: proximity to employment and our willingness to drive a certain length of time on a daily basis. For other people there will be other factors, but all we really care about is if we need a job, can we find one and how long do we want to be in car.

Don’t get caught up in the trendy areas or close to the city center because those places often have more rules, higher prices and more buyer competition. Being open to more areas and being flexible will improve your likelihood of finding a great spot.

Figure Out Your Budget

Before you get into the search figure out how much you can afford and agree on a upper limit. This may be the time you get pre-approved for a mortgage or land loan if you’re going that route. If you don’t have much money, check out our post on how to buy land with no money.

Drive Around

After finding a satisfied aread, there comes a point where you just need to get out there and driving around the area you want to be in can give you some good leads. You’ll find “for sale by owner” signs which most likely aren’t listed online anywhere. You’ll see a property that you like that you could approach the owners about if they own a large parcel and you want to buy a part of it. There is a lot to be gained by driving around even if you don’t find any leads, you learn more about the area you’re thinking of buying in.

Work Your Networks

People always discount the opportunities that might be sitting right in front of them the whole time. Get clear on what you’re looking for, what you can afford and the areas you’re looking in and create a digital flyer. Take that flyer and post it on all your social networks, email your friends asking them if they have any leads and if you know any old timers or farmers, reach out to them too. All these people know other people and by getting the word out there, you might find some great options.

Use A Realtor

A Realtor is some that you can use to find land if you’re ready to buy. Since you’re the buyer, there is no fee to use one since the seller will pay all the commissions. Once you do find a good realtor, understand they are investing their time to help you find your land and they don’t get paid unless they close. If you go this route, make sure you’re ready to buy and respect their time. It is fine to end a working relationship if they aren’t delivering what you need, but if they’re doing a good job make sure you close with them as your agent so they can get their commission.

Sometimes things just aren’t working for you or the market is over-valued. It’s better to buy during low periods because you can find more options and better deals. If we buy at the height of a market, we might end up paying too much for that property and will have to wait a long time, if ever, to get out from under a property we paid too much for.

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