Guide To A Quick Winter Preparation Checklist For Your Home

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Winter can be severe at times, especially when it is about 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and ice is beginning to fall. The worst that can happen is getting your sprinkler system damaged because of frozen lines and you not making adequate preparation to clearing the system prior winter season. You need to get your home winterized ahead before the winter season. Adequate winterization includes having a planned home winter checklist. You must have done an overall review of your home’s HVAC system and other mechanical equipment that is used to balance the atmospheric condition of your home. Endeavour to crosscheck all these equipment so that during winter you can enjoy cosy comfort without having any reason to bother yourself about your home and family. Here are some of the many checks you need to make before winter sets in.

Winterize your heating system

This is one of the most important equipments for every home in winter. The best time to check your heating equipment and the furnace is during the fall. Make sure that all the systems are working perfectly.

How to check your heating system

Here are a quick home winter preparation tips for your heating system.

  • Test run: Switch on the thermostat and set it up to 80 degrees. Hear the furnace work, and also, confirm that warm air starts blowing within a few minutes of putting it on. If there is any fault and you can’t fix it by yourself, call in a qualified technician to check it immediately.
  • Periodic maintenance: Have the furnace checked periodically, and you can still hire a professional to do this for you.
  • Check the air filter: To make you have a free flow of air, try to check that the filter is in working perfectly without any obstruction. If a replacement is needed, get the recommended one that fits your equipment - according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Inspect the fuel supply: Whether you have a fuel or propane furnace, fill your fuel tank and make sure it has enough reserve for you throughout winter.
  • Monitor and clean your heating vents: Make sure you clear any obstacle to the heating vents to permit a free flow of air.
  • Confirm if there are any carbon monoxide leakages: Carbon monoxide leakages can be very dangerous. However, this can be easily detected by using a battery alarm or test badge. You can also call in a professional to confirm and fix the leakage.
  • Crosscheck the exhaust vents: Most boilers, furnaces and gas water heaters vents through exhaust or chimney, though, newly advanced models vents through pipes. Make sure that they are free from any form of obstruction. If you have not used your vents for some time, it can become a home to birds and rodents. This can lead to interference causing the equipment not to burn effectively.

Winterize your air conditioning system

When making home winter preparation, this is sometimes abandoned and not given adequate attention. The part of the cooling system that is often neglected is the external condensing part. This part of your air conditioner needs proper attention before winter sets in.

  • Protect the condensing unit: You need to cover this part so as not to get destroyed by wet leaves and dirt that could lead to freezing of internal components and cause rusting. Though the system is manufactured for external usage, if they are covered with breathable materials, it will help to extend their lifespan.
  • Clean and clear the unit from debris: With a hose, you can clean the fan blades and coils clean from dirt and debris. Allow the unit to dry properly before covering it.

In conclusion, make a proper home winter checklist. Endeavour to make sure all your plan are well calculated so that you will be all set for winter when it arrives.

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