7 Kitchen Redesign Ideas to Help You Get Organized!

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Are you redesigning your kitchen? Read this! We have 7 kitchen redesign tips to help you create an organized, functional room. Check it out and thank us later!

Between cooking, eating, socializing, and cleaning, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens.

And though the kitchen isn't usually filled with a lot of furniture, it is home to more individual items than any other room of the house.

From the dishes in your cabinet to the cereal boxes in your pantry, kitchens hold lots and lots of objects. And if you’re not organized, finding what you need can be a real challenge.

Ready to turn your kitchen into the most organized room of your home? Check out these seven kitchen redesign tips to help you live a more organized and productive life!

1. Store Frequently-Used Items at Eye Level

Being organized doesn’t just mean that things are stacked neatly and stashed out of sight. Truly organized people create storage methods that make sense.

And that involves making items accessible.

Place the things you use the most at eye level. Dishes, cups, food, and baking supplies should all be in the front of your cupboards. If you use something on a regular basis, it should be easy to spot and easy to reach.

Reserve those hard-to-reach cabinets for serving sets or small appliances that you only use on rare occasions.

2. Store Like Items Together

Keeping similar items together is another must-do for organization.

Store all cereal boxes on the same pantry shelf. Keep all utensils in the same drawer. Put your coffee mugs together in the same cabinet and your reusable plastic containers in the same drawer.

Stash all cleaning products together underneath the sink. Keep your take-out menus or recipe cards in the same drawer or filing bin.

By keeping similar items together, you’ll know exactly where to find things and where to put them away.

3. Add Hanging Racks for Pots and Pans

It’s easy to fill cabinets with bulky pots and pans, but there’s a better way to organize them:

Hanging racks.

A hanging rack provides additional storage so you can save precious cabinet space for other things. By getting pots and pans up onto the wall or ceiling, they’ll be easier to access and they’ll act as stylish decorations.

Pots and pans aren’t the only things you can hang. Aprons, oven mitts, and dish towels can also be hung from hooks and pegs.

For linens and textiles, hang a slotted shelf with S-hooks or add a pegboard that can hold a variety of items in one small space.

4. Display Dishes on Shelves or in Glass Cabinets

Don’t hide all of your dishes and bakeware behind cabinet doors. Instead, consider decorating with them!


With glass cabinet doors, an open shelving system, or mounted wall shelves!

Whether you have glass cabinet doors or shelves mounted on the wall, it’s time to start looking at your dishes, coffee mugs, and glassware in a new way. Displaying neat stacks of plates and bowls is a great way to show off your excellent organizational skills.

It also makes those items easier to locate when you need them!

If you’re renting an apartment, there’s little you can do about the look of your cabinets. In fact, you might not even be able to mount a shelf without losing your security deposit. But you can add a freestanding shelving unit.

A tall unit with multiple shelves offers lots of storage and versatility:

Place bakeware and large pots on the bottom rack. Place stacks of dishes and rows of coffee cups on the middle shelves. Use the top shelf to hold storage boxes filled with recipes or coupons.

The more shelves you have to work with, the easier it will be to organize.

5. Make Use of Glass Canisters

Canisters aren’t just for holding flour and sugar. Glass ones are also perfect for holding nuts, cereals, rice, and all sorts of other dry items.

Canister sets can be used as decorative countertop storage or as pantry organizers. Regardless of where you put them, they’re a great way to keep items visible.

And if you want to make life even easier, look for a set with labels. These allow you to identify the items inside the container without even having to open it!

6. Add a Cart or a Kitchen Island

You don’t need a massive space to enjoy the look and function of a kitchen island or a kitchen cart.

Even a small cart or island can greatly improve your life. The size doesn’t matter nearly as much as its configuration and storage capabilities.

Look for a kitchen island or cart with doors, drawers, and shelves to maximize storage and create the most organized system possible.

If your cart has deep bottom drawers, use them to store pots and pans or bakeware. If it has narrow drawers at the top, use those to hold utensil sets and cooking tools like spatulas and ladles.

The best part about having a kitchen island is that it serves a variety of different purposes. Keep the top clutter-free, and your island can double as a prep table or a dining surface.

7. Customize Your Cabinets

You don’t have to install brand-new cabinets to make them function like new. With the addition of a few roll-out trays and risers, you can create a customized cabinet solution that works for your lifestyle.

Roll-out trays make it easy to access items stored deep in the back of your cabinets. Risers allow you to divide each shelf into two separate spaces, doubling your storage in a matter of seconds.

Do you want a kitchen that stays organized and functions better? You don’t have to rip out cabinets or do any major construction to achieve this.

To make your kitchen more organized:

  • Store frequently-used items at eye level
  • Store similar items together
  • Add hanging racks for pots and pans
  • Display dishes on wall shelves, in open cabinets, or on a freestanding shelf unit
  • Use glass canisters to hold and display dry goods
  • Add a kitchen island or a rolling cart with storage drawers and shelves
  • Customize your cabinets with roll-out trays, risers, and shelf dividers

With a little effort and some new storage solutions, your kitchen can become more organized and stylish than ever before.

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