Ultimate Checklist: 5 Things to Do Before Selling Your House in Los Angeles, CA

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LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE - Selling a house is a big deal, as a seller you always want to make a profit and come up on top. There’s a list of things you need to do before putting your house on the market. Before putting a “for sale” sign in the front lawn, the professionals at the Local Records Office created a checklist of things to do before listing, some of the tips are beginners while others are advanced so get your tools and work clothes ready to get to work.

#1 – Look for the Best Real Estate Agent Available in the Los Angeles Area

A lot of new home sellers think they can sell a house without a real estate agent to make a bigger profit but they end up having little to no luck. Most transactions end in time spent and money loss.

Another big mistake new home sellers make is hiring the first real estate agent that comes along. Big mistake! Don’t get sucked in advertising on bus benches or your friends, friend’s uncle who sells houses part-time on the weekends. Do your homework first and then interview him or her to make sure they’re knowledgeable in the right market.

Don’t be afraid to interview a few real estate agents, after you made your decision on the right one ask as many questions as possible. Make sure this real estate agent is going to get you every dollar your house is worth.


“many people are afraid to look around for real estate agents and make the mistake of picking the first one that comes along. Agents are here to help but you also need to know who’s going to help you in a situation like this” says Lucas villa from one-nine real estate firm in downtown Los Angeles.

#2 – Curb Appeal is Everything

Just like the saying goes “first impressions are everything.” When buyers pull up to your driveway you want them to think positive about the property, not a negative one.

Make sure to have the inside and outside of the house as clean as possible. You can also ask your real estate agent on curb appeals that work.

“Curb appeal is important when selling a house in 2019. Everyone has a camera and wants pictures of everything. You need to make sure to sweep what needs to get swept and clean what needs to get cleaned.” Says, Fernando Quest from Sunny Side Real Estate Investors in Downey, California.

#3 - Declutter What Isn’t Being Used

Decluttering rooms not only makes the room look cleaner it also makes it look bigger and bigger is better. A house with clutter might make potential buyers worried that you’re trying to hide something under all that mess.

If you don’t have space for your clutter go ahead and donate it, give it away and have a yard sale. If none of that works for you rent storage for a month or two while the house if for sale.

#4 - Depersonalize Your House

Personalizing your house to your own liking is the first thing buyers do when they first move in. So go ahead and depersonalize your space to make it look more gender-neutral and likable.

Remove the posters of your favorite movie, old furniture, and your family’s pictures.

“Sellers will clean and remove old furniture but one thing they forget to do is remove old family pictures and posters, this will make some buyers back away.” Says Quest.

#5 – Repaint Walls

Repainting walls to depersonalize it will go along way. Painting your man cave to a more neutral color will get you a variety of offers. Make sellers feel at home, and not your home.

#6 - BONUS: Deed Service

The company Local Records Office in Bellflower, CA offers an in-depth property history report and copy of the deed for only $89.00. Local Records Office works with many realtors across the SoCal and all over the United States. A property history report by Local Records Office helps new homebuyers learn about the history of the house, this information is usually not provided by the realtor or previews homeowner. 




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