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While only 30 minutes away it could be understandable why people keep referring to these two cities as it is only one. I mean, I know that a 30 minute drive doesn’t mean much to most people but St. Petersburg is its own city and so is Tampa. There aren’t many differences between these two cities and everyone who lives there knows but they will not appreciate you or anyone else saying that they are one city or saying that the Tampa Bay Rays, the baseball team, belong to Tampa.

Think of them as these two siblings that don’t really get along and with the younger sibling having to really battle in order to win at anything. That’s how Tampa and St. Petersburg are in Florida with St. Petersburg being the youngest sibling, of course. Now, we’ll just have to see if Tampa manages to outsmart St. Petersburg in their parents eyes or if they’ll take the blame because no one can really think St. Petersburg could do something bad.

Housing differences between Tampa and St. Petersburg


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The differences in prices between the two cities isn’t astronomical, but homes in St. Petersburg are relatively more affordable than those in the city of Tampa, FL. It’s only natural that you’ll first look at the prices as buying a home is the biggest investment the general public makes. It’s also an investment that can bring profit in certain cases.


Making a profit from real estate investments really is a win-win in both cities. If you look at Tampa, you’ll see a growth in housing prices of 4.8% from 2019 and there is also a 4.5% predicted increase for 2021. With the median house price at $248.000, Tampa, FL has a healthy real estate market that looks promising to provide a profit in the future. You can contact some of the best local real estate agents in Tampa, FL to get a better understanding of how the real estate market is doing in Tampa.


The same can be said for St. Petersburg but for another reason. The city of St. Petersburg is almost completely surrounded by water. This means that there isn’t room for expansion which leads to growing real estate prices. While the median home price in St.Petersburg is $228,000, the real estate trends in St. Petersburg, FL are steady. There was an increase of 6.1% in pricing since 2019 and there is an estimated 6.1% for 2021. As St. Petersburg is a suburb of Tampa, housing prices are lower there. Reaching out to the local realtors in St. Petersburg FL will offer you some great advice if you’re looking into investing in real estate.


Economy differences between Tampa and Saint Petersburg


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Both cities rank in the top three as best cities in Florida to find a job. Orlando is in first place, Tampa in second while St. Petersburg is in third place. In both cities the unemployment rate is below the national average of 3.7% with Tampa, FL being close at 3.6% and St. Petersburg staying relatively better at 3.2% The median household income in Tampa is lower than it is in St. Petersburg by 5%. Tampa is falling slightly behind with a median income of $54,600 while St. Petersburg manages a median household income of $58,000.


In both cities the industries that are the largest employers are the Health Care & Social Assistance industries and the highest paying industries in both Tampa and St. Petersburg are the Utilities. Tampa, however, is considered a go-to place for millennials who want to start their own businesses with an entrepreneur community that will provide all the help needed for startups. St. Petersburg, on the other side of Tampa Bay, has two major industries. The first will be expected: Marine Science. Of course there will be a marine science division in a city with so much waterfront. The second, however, might surprise you as St. Petersburg has the largest financial service sector in all of Florida. Here you’ll find the biggest financial service firm that is not located on Wall Street: Raymond James. If science or numbers aren’t your thing, St. Petersburg’s got you covered as the artistic population grew exponentially here. It grew so much, actually, that St. Petersburg has a new nickname: the City of the Arts.


In general, the two cities are grouped together with Clearwater as a metro area and like that the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL have a median household income of $55,000 and a job growth of 2.4%. However, when you consider the slightly higher median household income in St. Petersburg and add into the mix the median house price which is lower in St. Petersburg, the balance tips slightly in its favor. Let’s see what happens next.


Beach life


In regards to beaches, St. Petersburg is the clear winner. Some of the best beaches in FLorida, if not the U.S., are here and Tampa unfortunately can’t get near that. This does, however, mean that there is an influx of vacationers, snow birds as well as retirees coming here who are also attracted by the low cost of living in St. Petersburg.


But let’s not make those award winning beaches turn into a con for St. Petersburg. Only 17 minutes away you will find St. Pete Beach which is a small resort city and has been ranked #2 for the best beaches in the U.S. in 2020. At a similar distance you’ll find Clearwater that has been #1 for its pristine beaches in 2019, 2018 and 2016. Also, let’s not forget Fort De Soto Beach with its natural beauty and amazing wildlife.


As those beaches are available for residents from Tampa as well, a plus for St. Petersburg would be the proximity to those beaches, which is around 20 minutes.

Other fun activities


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With the Dali Museums, the Mahaffey Theater as well as the Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg manages to grab everyone’s attention. If nature is what interests you more you can go to Fort De Soto, the Weedon Island Preserve or the Sunken Gardens all of which are found here. With the wide range of activities in St. Petersburg, FL there really isn’t a bad time to visit the Sunshine City from Florida. With its world record weather you’ll find the temperature is always great for indoor or outdoor activities.


In Tampa, FL you’ll find the Busch Gardens Theme Park with rides that reach world record speeds. It’s difficult to miss something like this in a big city. The most interesting thing about this park, however, is the Gardens part of the park and here we’re referring to the African Cheetahs that can run around in a savannah like landscape. Another attraction that we can mention from the list of things that you can do in Tampa, FL is the Tampa Museum of Art that hosts contemporary art as well as Roman artifacts for the finest of tastes and the sheer appreciation of art.




Picking your favourite between these two isn’t easy, we know, but maybe you don’t have to pick. Whether you like living in the big city or going for a quick swim before and after work, both these cities are great in their own way. You can go visit them both in order to see for yourself. We sure want to know what you think of either of them. Which is better for family life? Which is a better place to live? How comfortable is living so close to the beach for either of them? We can’t help but wonder and comment your thoughts below.


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