7 Apartment Building Amenities Guaranteed to Attract Millennial Investors

Written by Kristina Perrin Posted On Saturday, 30 May 2020 16:57

Millennial investors are quite a bit different than property investors of the past. They’re more conscious about the environment and amenities and the quality of life offered by the apartment complex.

And since most of the buying power these days rests with millennials, estate agents are looking to attract millennial buyers more. 

For millennial investors it seems that location and amenities are the top priorities in apartments. And while you can’t really do anything about the location of your apartment, you can ensure it has the right amenities to attract millennial investors. 


In this post we’re going to look at building amenities that are guaranteed to attract millennial investors. 

1. Pet Friendly

Millenials like animals in general, so it’s only natural that they’ll have a pet of some sort. In fact, surveys show that 57% of millennial households have a dog or a cat as a pet. 

Keeping this statistic in mind, you’ll have to ensure that your apartment is pet friendly. 

2. USPS Approved Mailboxes

Millennials order a lot of stuff online, so they’ll be getting a steady stream of things to their mailboxes. They’ll also be picky about the type of mailbox the apartment has, and if it’s USPS approved or not. 

Fortunately, USPS approved mailboxes aren’t hard to find and you can order some like these online. 

3. Wooden Floors

Millenials have a taste for wooden floors, in fact they’re quite crazy about it! Wood is the flooring of choice for millenials since it’s easy to clean (especially if you’re dealing with pet hair) and you don’t need to have a vacuum. 

It also just looks better than most flooring options out there, with a modern and minimalist aesthetic. For a bit of fun, wooden floors are also great for sliding (or slipping) in your socks.

4. Indoor Laundry

Not having to resort to a laundromat is bliss for anyone. Having a washer and dryer in the apartment is thus a great amenity to have. Even if there isn’t much space inside, stacked washer and dryer can greatly attract millennial investors because of the convenience factor.

5. Snazzy Kitchens

Millenials are very conscious of what they put inside their stomach, so they like to cook as much as they can. 

A good kitchen can make cooking a very enjoyable experience indeed, so millenials will often look for apartments with modern and updated kitchens. 

Consider upgrading kitchen surfaces to granite or quartz, with stainless steel appliances to really impress them.

6. USB Charging Outlets

This is sort of a cutting edge renovation idea, but if your apartment’s power sockets are equipped with USB charging outlets it’s going to give a very positive impression to millennial buyers. 

And just think for yourself for a moment. How inconvenient is it to be searching for USB power adaptors all the time. 

With built-in USB power outlets, your apartment gives a very modern impression. 

7. Big Storage Spaces

Everyone needs storage for their stuff, but we’ll make a special case for millenial women. According to a survey, millenial women shop for clothes more than twice a month, so they’ll want to store all that clothing somewhere. 

Walk-in closets are certainly a luxury to have, but you don’t have to go that far. Simply having ample cabinet space or multiple cabinets will go a long way to please millenial women in particular. 

And if you are lucky enough to have an apartment that has a walk-in closet, well that should be good enough to sell the apartment all by itself.

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