Choosing The Right Paint For Your Bathroom

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Chossing The Right Paint for Your Bathroom


When it comes time to redo a bathroom, whether it is a simple refresh or a complete renovation, one consideration will be what paint to use to finish your bathroom.

Bathrooms need a little more consideration when it comes to choosing paint.  It is a small, confined space that is used heavily and has a lot of moisture.

Your bathrooms paint job is going to take a beating.  And, if you are putting in the time and effort to paint you also want the paint job to last.

Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bathroom

There is a whole world of paint colors for your bathroom. But one thing to keep in mind for many bathrooms is there is a mirror to perform a whole slew of personal grooming tasks.

The color you choose can be important especially if it is a bathroom you use to get ready for your day.

You do not want strong color casts reflecting onto your skin and altering what you see in a mirror.  And, you want your area to be light and bright.

Strong deep colors can throw a color cast an alter the appearance of your skin in the mirror.

Consider using lighter neutral colors in your bathroom to prevent any color cast from altering your skin tone as well as brightening up your work area.

Choosing A Paint Finish

The paint finish you choose for your bathroom can really cut down on aggravation in the future.  There are several types of paint finishes to choose from, but picking the right paint finish will allow your paint job to last many years in your bathroom.  Because of the abuse your bathroom walls will take the paint finish is more important than any other room in your home.


For most areas of your home, you would consider a matte or eggshell paint finish.  They are flat or slightly gloss paint finishes that are great at hiding flaws in the wall and prevent distracting reflections in the paint job.

But your more matte paint finishes are harder to keep clean and more importantly are far less moisture resistant.

When choosing a paint finish for your bathroom at a bare minimum use an eggshell finish for half baths with no showers.  

For bathrooms with extremely high moisture and no ventilation, you may even want to consider a semi-gloss paint finish.  If considering a glossier finish the lighter the paint color the less you will notice distracting reflections in the paint finish.

Mildew and Mold Resistant Paint

There is no area of your home that is more prone to mold and mildew than your bathroom.  It is important to choose a paint that has mildew and mold resistance.  

The good news is many quality paints now have mold and mildew resistance built right into them

Just check and make sure the paint you have selected for your bath is mold and mildew resistant.

Moisture Blocking Primer

If you are painting new wallboard or painting over a paint job that was prone to peeling use a moisture-blocking primer first, like Sherwin Willaims Moisture Vapor Barrier Interior Latex Primer.

A good paint job starts with good prep.  A moisture blocking primer will create a good base to prevent moisture from getting to the wallboard itself.  Remember wallboard is a cellulose product that provides a perfect home for mold and mildew.

Take the extra time to choose the right paint product for your bathroom.  Your quality paint job will ensure that it requires little maintenance for years to come.

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