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New York’s Enchanting Architecture

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 12 September 2017 15:26

When we think of New York and its expansive yet impressive skyline, there are always a few buildings that come to mind immediately, signatures of the Big Apple that always seem to feature as a back drop to any movie set here.

The Empire State building, was the tallest building on the globe for nearly 40 years and was dubbed the 8th wonder of the world.

It has since been dwarfed by many more, but no trip to New York would be complete without an ear popping elevator ride to the top! The views are spectacular and with the passing yellow cabs below, it’s easy to picture yourself as an extra on a movie set, just watch out for King Kong!

Another emblematic building has to be the Chrysler Building. With its rocket like spire that pierces the sky, this building is quintessential of the era in which it was constructed. A time of industrial power, concentrated wealth and large scale city construction. It’s Art Deco design, both internally and externally have seen this building remain amongst the favourites of New Yorkers and Tourists alike and it oozes prestige for businesses that are fortunate enough to have their offices here. It epitomizes class and timeless beauty and amongst the night skyline it really is a sight to behold.

The Flatiron Building (Originally the Fuller Building) is another that definitely warrants a mention.  Built in the style of Renaissance architecture, this building was ground-breaking for its time as it was one of only a few built in 1902 that boasted 20 floors and also only several in the world built on a triangular ground plan. The Flatiron was designated a New York Landmark in 1966, but not everyone was thrilled with the obscurity. The New York Tribune called the building “A stingy piece of pie. Whilst the New York Times called it a monstrosity.

Today’s audience seems a lot more enamoured with the intricate architecture and unusual design, with the iconic building being a must see for many tourists.

Moving away from the skyscrapers and there are still so many architectural delights throughout the city.

Brooklyn Museum is one of the largest, yet oldest museums in America. Constructed in 1897 the initial plans were to construct the museum 4 times larger than its current stature but this did not materialise. It still boasts 560,000 square feet and after recent restoration works, the charm and beauty of this building has left it a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Nestled amongst great skyscrapers you will find St. Patricks Cathedral, which has been ranked 11th out of 150 in the list of America’s favourite architecture and it’s easy to see why. The Cathedral was built between 1858-1879 (The Civil War caused postponement) and the style is a striking collaboration of French and German Gothic. The stunning architecture has featured in many blockbuster movies and it’s no wonder, the attention to detail is exquisite and over the years, repairs have been done respectfully in keeping with the style and elegance of the original builders.

One of Manhattans most recognised and famous landmarks has to be Grand Central station. It adorns walls all over the world, in black and white posters displaying cathedral light streaming through the arched windows to the concourse below. Taken around 1920 the picture has increased the iconicity of the station with tourists flocking there in a bid to capture the same celestial image. Much has changed in Grand Central station over the years with large expansions necessary to cater for the swelling New York population but there is still an undeniable grandeur about the place that just makes you think “Wow!”

Just wandering around New York and taking in the plethora of architectural styles is an absolute pleasure.

The One World Trade Center stands out like a beacon at a staggering 1776 feet tall.  Beautiful and elegant in its design, it currently stands as the tallest in the Western Hemisphere.

There are so many incredible landmarks to note, each staking is own claim for splendour.

New York Public Library, Queensboro Bridge, The Plaza Hotel, The Gingerbread House, The Ansonia Hotel, The Woolworth Building.

I could go on and on about the many incredible places to visit in New York, but if you have an interest in impeccable workmanship, design, style and finesse, I strongly suggest that you check them out for yourselves. There is so much more to New York than the shopping malls, but don’t just take my word for it! 

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