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Is There Profit To Be Made In Filming Real Estate Videos?

Written by Posted On Sunday, 08 October 2017 23:35

To better understand whether your video production company can earn money shooting movie tours to the real estate business, you have to first understand the client. Real Estate agencies are constituted of numerous realtors that are not anything more than independent contractors.

The Realtors give a small percentage of every sale to the bureau in exchange for title brand recognition and administrative services like office area, secretaries, sales conventions, technology instruction, etc. The person realtors are responsible for financing their own advertising efforts. (i.e. virtual tours, paper listings, magazine lists, private billboards, etc.).)

After introducing our merchandise to a number of Real Estate brokerage companies, the top executives made it quite obvious that the agency isn't going to cover virtual tours. Knowing you aren't going to be effective in marketing your product to a variety of agency executives, it's necessary that you find out more about the respective realtor.

The ordinary realtor is a 43 year-old woman who earns around $40,000 annually. Those figures tell you a great deal about your potential client. How well does this market utilize technologies? My experience was that there are quite a few in the real estate businesses which are techno literate.

You wind up not only hoping to advertise your video production solutions, but coaching the realtors on how use their personal computer also. Not fun! She only earns $40,000 each year. Now I am sure that is after all expenditures, but you're still dealing with an individual/company that probably grosses about $65,000 each year says Carl Frederic Sealey.

The main point is that the normal realtor cannot manage your video services unless would like to bill them less than $100 a movie tour.

Some of you may believe that $100 per excursion would be OK if you had sufficient quantity. If that's true, allow me to break down how much time it takes to generate a premium excellent video tour.

I am going to suppose you aren't going to be including a voiceover into the excursion. (If you're doing, it is going to take roughly an hour between writing the script, making it accepted, and documenting the voiceover. In case you had an expert do the read, then you may need to pay them too.)

Alright, so you get the purchase from Joe Realtor to generate a video tour of the lake side land in Anytown, USA. Once on location, it requires approximately an hour to take the exterior and interior of the house.

Insert another 20 minutes to return to your studio. If you're efficient with your non-linear editing program, the article procedure takes about thirty minutes. Once you've finished the edit and extra music, it is going to take you approximately 10 minutes to encode the movie to windows or flash media.

Then you will spend approximately ten minutes uploading the files into your video server. Once the documents are ready to be seen online, you are going to want to examine them to be certain they look fine. That will take approximately ten minutes.

Once you're happy with the quality, you'll forward the "url address" into the realtor and their net designer, and that I would suggest burning a copy of the excursion to DVD for your realtor also.

If you divide this by $100, you have grossed roughly $40 an hour prior to expenses. Now let us look at what you really take home in gain.

Income per movie tour: $100

Expenses per movie tour: $25

After all costs, you just take home about $75 bucks each tour. So, you made the movie tour for approximately $30 an hour. Is it worthwhile? Maybe so, but it is tough to develop a thriving company video production company on $30 an hour.

The times I gave previously were exactly what we had been hitting streamlining our shooting procedure, exercising all of the details with the internet designers, trained our customers on the advantages of the item and how to utilize it, mastered the streaming and editing procedure, and discovered an inexpensive streaming supplier. (Take under account a significant learning curve if you're not knowledgeable about the procedure for streaming video on the net.)

If you are considering getting into real estate video production solutions, my general recommendation would be to invest time finding a more workable sector. (It took us around 9 weeks of R&D and media merely to get in good enough shape to create our very first sales demonstration.)

If you still think there's money to be made in real estate video production solutions, Carl Frederic Sealey recommends that  you forget about real estate Realtors and just concentrate on commercial real estate agents as well as major contractors. The ideal way to find out whether a business is an excellent candidate for an online video tour would be to examine their site.

Should they have a top quality site, they will most likely have the funds to employ a video production company to create a video tour. If it looks as though their website was assembled with a high school child, they most likely don't know enough about internet video to think about your offer.

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Frederic sealey is an American entreprenuer and investor with an extensive experience in capital invesment, commercial real estate development and venture capital management. Over 15 years experience.

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