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“What’s the best way to sell my house?” For more than a decade, people have been asking real estate agent and marketing expert Robert J. Morrow this very question. And in the updated reprint of his already popular book, Sold Strategies, he answers it! 

“Sold Strategies,” the latest updated reprint from Robert Morrow, is a step-by-step guide to selling your home in a timely manner andfor the best price in Canada or the United States. Although the real estate laws and organizations may differ in each country, this book has a universal sales strategy that will help you sell your home much more effectively – practically anywhere in the world! Read about LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT AND REALTOR IN THE GREATER HOUSTON AREA (281) 683-2654

This is because Mr. Morrow’s new book has every piece of information you need to know if you want to sell your home faster and for a better price. And it delivers this information in plain-spoken English, with an easy-to-follow logic that anyone can understand.

In fact, reading “Sold Strategies” is almost like having a seasoned realtor (with over a decade of experience selling properties, and four decades in advertising and marketing) sit down with you to have a conversation about the most advantageous way to sell your home in the most time-saving way possible.

There is even a history of how the legal aspects of selling real estate have developed over the years in both Canada and the U.S. This is critical information, because it dispels many of the real estate myths you thought were true, while explaining what you can and cannot lawfully do when you go to sell your home.

There is plenty of internet advice here as well, along with the background of how online real estate listings are organized and how accessibility to them works for you as an individual. “Sold Strategies’” also completely addresses and explains the MLS system versus the “For Sale By Owner Websites,” so you can list your house in the right place to get a bigger return on your efforts.

“Sold Strategies” is an extremely organized book, with clearly labeled chapters. This makes information easy to find at a glance. Nevertheless, it is the logical progression of the book that is the most helpful. This is because Mr. Morrow walks you through the entire process of selling your home - from listing to close.

He begins by explaining the process of selling a home by talking about the“For Sale By Owner” websites. This is because most people start here in order to save the commission on the real estate agent, which makes it the most popular place for any homeowner to go when they want to sell their home. Morrow recognizes this, and since this book has a heavy emphasis on using the internet, this is where he starts too.

Mr. Morrow is very content for you to start with the For Sale By Owner websites and shows you what the possibilities are. This is why he explains the process and success rate of FSBO to you right at the beginning of the book - with examples. After reading the first chapters of the book, you will know if FSBO websites are right for you. And if selling your house in a private sale is the best way to sell your home, reading the rest of the book will give you all of the professional sales advice you need to sell it faster.

However, if FSBO doesn’t work out for you, in the following chapters Morrow explains when and how to move on to moreestablished sales methods. This is where he clarifies the more traditional route of using a real estate agent, which is the next step for someone who wants to sell their home if selling it themselves doesn’t work out.

He explains the whole process of how conventional real estate agents work: the history, the laws, and how you can save money and increase the appeal of your home by performing some tasks yourself – before you even talk to a real estate agent.

But make no mistake. Mr. Morrow doesn’t ever hard-sell you on the importance of using real estate agents. Quite the opposite, he has written “Sold Strategies” to tell you the “why” behind everything that has to do with selling your home. And also how you can adopt a strategy where you can do a lot of the work yourself to reduce the cost of selling your home, find the right buyer, and sell your home in a more timely fashion.

This includes which selling strategies are dictated by law and are non-negotiable, and which are selling strategies that are outdated or not effective -and how you can use his updated strategies to sell your home for the right price and with the right timing to suit your personal situation. The timing of selling your home plays a much bigger role than you might think.

Robert Marrow goes on to explain the pricing of your home and the percentages of the sale that different services cost you -- so you can price your home with this in mind. Mr. Morrow also explains other things to consider when pricing your home. This includes the cost of breaking your mortgage, comparison market assessment, the advantages and pitfalls of pricing high or low, price strategies for private sellers, and how to start and handle bidding wars, to name a few.

One of the biggest assets of this book is that it goes in-depth about how to price your home properly so that it will sell - and make you the money you need at the same time.

“Sold Strategies” informs and empowers home sellers, so that they can make more educated decisions, not emotional ones. To that effect, all of your home selling options are presented with anunbiased opinion and in easy-to-understand language. Both the pros and cons of each kind of real estate transaction are offered so that you can decide which way to sell your home is right for you. Individuals are as uniqueas their homes, their locations, and their markets - so Morrow makes sure you get all of the information you need to make the most out of your home sale possible.

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