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Tips for bathroom furnishing for a pro home

Written by Posted On Friday, 20 September 2019 12:38

House renovation is incomplete without remodeling your washrooms. Many house keepers would not give it a thought. I was not even aware of the bathroom remodeling. 

Now times have changed and a lot of researchers have found out that the effect of our environment on our thinking, our approaches, mind and on our body is imperceptible but profound. 

You can call a number of people for helping you decide the best bath tub, diy bathtub refinishing or the most attractive sinks and taps. However you will still be confused about your choice. Why? because ewe always try to underestimate ourselves. Which is sometimes good if e are not able to choose anything in our life or if we are quite busy. 

In this article I have tried to put up some tips regarding the bathroom remodeling issues. Some people find it a bit boring which it is not, while some are over obsessed with it. I am none of them and my opinion would be neutral. 

Find out the users 

Well, usually if you are the owner you would be behaving like a dominant boss who would not listen to anything. Please stop. You are only going to pay. You have to ask the users about their opinions first. If they  are not happy with your suggestions or plans then what is the point in spending your bucks? 

Call a family meeting. Ask each user about his idea, wrote that down. You can help them get some more ideas from the internet or if you are an artist by nature you people can draw some of your own plans as well.

This thing has to be done before you call some planner. Why? the planners would convince you for some expensive style. After all these planners have some contracts with the selling brands and vendors. They have to keep up with their business so let them be while you focus on your needs. 

Plan the budget 

If you are living with a family, or with a friend ask your partner to help you plan the budget after you have done this ask the planners for doing something within the minimum budget. 

Mark a maximum budget and promise yourself that you will not cross it. this will help you in saving money. Otherwise you will be spending money without realizing that you are out of budget. 

Space maximizers 

A big bathroom is a soothing bathroom. Always go for those plans which will help your bathroom look and feel bigger. Enlightened. This will be possible with the right number of windows. 

Make sure that the selected design have got more than three windows otherwise do not go for that. You must give a shot to designs which are having a number of windows with a separated shower and bathtub.


You are not supposed to take your hand off the flooring it must be timeless and durable. A broken tile will damage the entire look. Lastly, the color of the tiles must not be very bright. Bathroom tiles must be vague and light in color. However you can add bright colored walls. But not every wall must be bright in color.


Bathrooms are incomplete without lights. If you are not able to find the best lights for your bathroom with more than 800 lumen then you will not be satisfied with any bathroom design ever. 

You are supposed to have a light at your mirror first, next place is the center of your bathroom. Near the wardrobe mirror. The more the lights the more good it is. 

Make sure that the bathroom has got accessories 

You might need to out some of  your accessories in your favorite bathroom. That is why cabinets near the wardrobe area or the powder room is an essential thing. 

These portions must be created near the entrance. Otherwise your things can get wet. Make sure if t one end there is the tub then at the other end there must be the toilet seat, the last corner must be left for the wardrobe. Your bathroom style must not b like an exaggerated thing which would be difficult to move in, it must be an easy pace for everyone.

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