Denver Metro Single-Family House (SFH) Market Report September

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 11:55

Denver Metro Single-Family House (SFH) Market Report September

The Denver Housing Market is Still Extremely Strong with Home Sales Setting More Records.

Throughout the pandemic, the Denver market has still not slowed down. It is on its way to a record-breaking real estate market, beating out last year.

Lets take a look at the numbers and get some epert local insight.

Denver Housing Market Overview.

Local Denver real estate agent Philip summed up the current state of Denver's market conditions for us. "Lowest inventory ever + lowest mortgage rates ever + Awesome place to live = highest house prices ever." He continued, "The pressure on our makret is goin gto remain very high even giong into the winter months. We have the perfect storm right now to keep housing prices on teh rise. I do envision a slow down in the futre. That is the way real estate works howver I recently spoke to a trusted mentor and she wa suggesting it could still be a year or 2 out. Until then my advice is to keep reading and your ear to the ground. If you are buying a house to live in it is always a good time to buy. Practice patience and you wil find a great property to call your own.

denver housing market october report

We will briefly review numbers but in short if you are thinking about listing your house and selling it right now then the outlook is definitely favorable.

Active listings are down in Denver.

This is great for home owners thinking about selling as when there is less inventory there is typically more competition. More competition can result in selling your house fast and for more.

Average Sales Price in Denver, Colorado for Single Family Homes Increased.

The average sales price for a single family home in Denver increased to $606,330. All experts agree, low interest rates , low inventory and Denver being an attractive place to live are the main driving factors for a continued rise.

We talked to a local Denver real estate expert who had this to say about the reasons behind the continued rise of Denver's house prices. "Denver has an extremely strong economy. We are still having a lot of companies and therefore great jobs move to Denver and other parts of Colorado. As theese new workers look to buy it increase the demand. Now if you add in historically low rates of interests that can be fixed for 30 years you see the average buying power of potential owners increaing. As buying power increases so to does the price of housing. Anohter factor is new homes have not been built fast enouhg. This is even more exagerated ow as the price of raw materials increase. This means either new builds have to be sold for more or they are just not started. This redues the avaialbel inventory and again results in Denver prices rising. I don't expect to see any of these factors change in the short to medium term.

Rates will stay low, cost of materials will stay up and people will keep moving to Denver because it is a great place to live.



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Shaun Martin

My name is Shaun Martin. I have been investing in Real Estate since 2007 - part-time. My first deal was a single-family house in Denver, CO. It is in a neighborhood called Montbello.  I still own it in-fact. It has been a great property. I must admit, when my wife and I bought it, we were nervous as hell!

Since then, I have added a number of rental properties in Denver, CO, Port Richey, FL, and Indianapolis, IN.  

In 2018 I sold my Medical Equipment Company and became a full-time investor. Since 2018 I have continued to focus on the buy and hold strategy. I have also flipped a number of properties, become a private lender, and focused a lot more on sourcing my own deals.  That is how I came upon Privy. Finally, I have begun making investments in real estate, using my Self-directed and Roth IRA.  I see this as an awesome vehicle to grow a rainy day fund, you know, an extra security blanket. 

I am not a get rich quick guy. I am not an aggressive investor.  I believe in mutual benefit to all people involved in each deal I do. I am a believer in cycles. What goes up must go down - and then it will go right back up again. AND

Because of that, I believe that as long as you sell when you want to, in real estate, you will do great. 

Real Estate has given me the opportunity to create security for me, my family and friends, and more importantly, time to enjoy it.

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