Ameriteam Realty- First Brokerage To Require Recruits To Earn New Home Co-broker (NHCB) designation.

Written by Realty Times Staff Posted On Tuesday, 18 August 2020 05:00

Orlando – New home shoppers are demanding new home services from their Realtor, something Realtors traditionally are not trained to provide.  

According to the National Association of Realtors, 63% of all new homes are sold by Realtors.  New home sales in 43 major markets are forecasted to remain healthy for some time to come. 

A forward-thinking risk-taking broker/owner would eventually include field-tested new homes training for his or her recruits.

Somebody had to be first.

Alan  Randel, the Broker, and CEO of Ameriteam Realty in Orlando, Fl, is the first. 

“We are going all-in to help our recruits to find new home shoppers, build relationships with onsite sales consultants, and learn how to work within the builder’s system, Randel said. New agents need to make sales as soon as possible.

“Starting immediately, we require recruits with one year or less experience to earn the New Home Co-broker certification, as part of our Zero to Closing in 90 days or Less coaching program.  

“Not one Realtor/Broker that we know has taken this step before,” Randel said. 

“We believe helping our agents build a new home niche and enter the new home market with credentials is now a career imperative, especially in markets such as Central Florida, where new home construction sales are so strong.”

Finding, qualifying, and helping new home shoppers choose the right new home is often neglected by other brokerages,” according to Randel, “which makes our timing even better. 

“Central Florida offers unique opportunities for agents working with new home shoppers from around the world, be they relocating for business reasons, retiring or investing.

“Our agents need to be able to serve new home shoppers at the same professional level, they expect for resale purchases,” Randel said.

“We, like many brokers, knew that the ‘new homes’ market was out there, but finding the most efficient way to train new agents to serve this market was the challenge,” according to Randel. 

To solve the problem, Randel opted to partner with the New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC, the company that requires the agent to pass an exam to become a certified New Home Co-Broker (NHCB).

AmeriTeam Realty offers the new home training to recruits who have been licensed for less than twelve months and offered at a special rate to the rest of the companies several hundred agents. 

“Many of our agents have taken the course and highly recommended it. The course is approved for three hours continuing education credit,” Randel said.

“Our agents tell us that showing new homes has helped them sell more new homes and resales and make sales they might have lost,” Randel said.

“We are the first to make this level of commitment as a brokerage to establish and leverage a ‘new homes’ focus in the Central Florida market, Randel said.

David Fletcher, founder, and CEO of New Home Co-Broker Academy, LLC, said several brokers around the country recommend the course to their agents for new homes sales training. Still, he knew of none that made new home training from the agent’s perspective required as part of their initial training.

“You have to admire Randel’s pioneering spirit. It is no small decision to add a new-home training module to listing and resale training. It is just is not done. 

“In a real way, Randel represents the leader whose vision-driven passion gives him the passion-driven discipline to take the risk required to help his agents thrive, “Fletcher said.

“If agents in the Central Florida market are serious about adding new construction to their resale expertise, Ameriteam Realty is the office they need to join,” Alan said. 

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