Word of the Day - Mold

1.The cornice; wood molding applied to cover the junction of roof boards and outside wall. On the interior, the picture mold is placed where a wall joins a ceiling.
2. A simple life form lacking the ability to photosynthesize, therefore not requiring sunlight 2. to grow, that releases alcohols, ketones, and hydrocarbons as well as spores, that can cause allergic, respiratory, and sinus problems in some people. Most molds thrive in moisture levels above 55 percent and can spread rapidly in many airtight homes. Mold is one of the many environmental issues that impact real estate transactions on a regular basis. There are no federal requirements to disclose mold infestations, and few states require disclosure. Buy¬ers should
be reminded that not only do they have the right to discover, they have a burden to discover.

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