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Best Cars for Moving Day

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 16 January 2018 11:17

Imagine: you’re fresh out of college and have a world of opportunities before you, including a dream job offer with a company you’ve wanted to work for for years. What’s the catch? You’ll need to move. Not just across town, but across state lines.

While figuring out relocation matters are complicated enough, you might also be stuck in the conundrum of what to do for transportation for moving purposes. If you don’t already own a vehicle, it makes more sense to buy one in your new state of residence. If you do already own a car, the back-and-forth of moving can put unwanted wear and tear on your car.

The easy solution to this problem is renting. By renting, you’ll expand your options, be able to experiment on what sort of vehicle you feel comfortable with, avoid long-term costs, and provide yourself the time and space necessary to decide whether you even need to own a vehicle where you live now. Here are some great options for rental cars when your moving day comes:


The strongest argument for renting a hybrid is often the most touted when it comes to hybrids: fuel savings. When you’re moving, it’s not just every penny that counts, but it also matters that you’re able to drive for long distances without having to stop to fill up.

The obvious hybrid pick is Toyota’s Prius; their latest models will get you anywhere between 25 and 46 mpg, but you’ll be limited to 25 cu feet of cargo space if you don’t fold down the rear seats. But a comparable pick would be the Ford Fusion Hybrid because of its combination of good gas mileage and slightly roomier interior.


The biggest bonus you’ll get with renting an SUV is cargo space, cargo space, cargo space. While the average vehicle might get you around x amount of storage space in the rear, a good size SUV will be able to bump that to around x, as well as fitting in numerous passengers (like family and friends who’ll want to witness the momentous occasion).

Start with Hyundai’s Santa Fe, which comes in both front wheel drive and all wheel drive, plenty of legroom, and cargo volume ranging from 13.5 cu ft. to 80 cu ft. Another great option is the Lincoln Navigator because it can comfortably seat seven and comes with a swath of luxury SUV features that’ll make your drive feel like a vacation.



Hatchbacks are a particular choice for moving; in addition to ample cargo space and flexible interiors, they often come with roof racks for storing specialty equipment. You can also attach a bike rack to the rear. Sound appealing? Look into renting a compact with foldable seats like the Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5, which substitutes spacious trunk space for a roomy interior and an excellent mpg.


A surprisingly unconventional choice for rentals and for moving because of its limited interior cabin and the need to tie down luggage in its bed, you might want to consider a pickup if you have just one or two sizable appliances or furniture pieces and an assortment of clothes and other items. Most people will attest that driving a pickup is a unique and enthralling driving experience that everyone should try at least once. For a pickup with a long bed, try out GMC’s Sierra or Toyota’s Tundra. Both have beds reaching at least 97 inches, more than enough room for moving your stuff into a studio apartment.

You’ll also be able to use a pickup as your towing vehicle if you have a moving container. Pickup trucks with strong towing credentials include Ford’s F-150, which, depending on the model year, can tow anything between 5,000 and 13,000 lbs.

No wrong choices

Whichever type of vehicle you choice as your ride, there are no wrong choices. You can even load up a U-Haul with your things and rent a roomy sedan for your family. Moving is already a hectic experience, so there’s no point on ruminating on a less than desirable option.

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