Working With An Agent As A Wholesaler.

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Working With An Agent As A Wholesaler. We Buy Houses In Connecticut

Working With An Agent As A Wholesaler.


In our last article we discussed how Investors, or cash buyers, can build a complimenting relationship with real estate agents. Far too often have we come across that ancient tug of war between agents and investors. Should I sell my house fast for cash, or, list it with an agent? We have seen that an easy solution is where an agent and an investor come together to form a strong complementing team.

But What If I Am A Wholesaler?

Avoiding the legality of wholesaling debate, wholesaling definitely is present in today's market. Often wholesalers need agents to help them do CMA’s, but then after all the work is completed they assign the contract and walk away with a nice fee. But what about the work these agents put into it all?

Is there a way where an agent and a wholesaler can work together forming a similar complementing beneficial merge?


Wholesaling is a viable option to help the home owners sell their house fast, for cash, if they feel that going the cash payout route suits their need.

Keep in mind that both agents and investors (including wholesalers) provide services to the home seller. From a motivated seller’s perspective, they need cash for their house and fast or they simply do not want to deal with an agent for whatever reason it may be. Either case they have decided to sell their house fast for cash. Although the agent no longer has a roll associated with the seller directly, they still have a crucial role with the investor.

So How Can An Agent Benefit from A Wholesale Deal?

Absolute honesty and transparency. When wholesaling a property, let the seller know exactly what your intention is. Tell them that: “We have no intention of buying their property ourselves” and explain the benefits and drawbacks of wholesaling the property. Wholesaling can be very beneficial to home sellers the moment they understand what it actually is.

When a property is put under contract to be assigned to a back-end cash buyer, with the intention to flip the property, the agent should be included in this deal as a package. Giving the listing to that agent after the rehab should be part of the assignment contract from wholesaler to buyer.

If the back-end cash buyer agrees with the numbers of the property in question this must mean that the buyer agrees with the CMA the agent provided. The buyer then knows how accurate that agent is and should have no problem including that agent as part of the package. This in turn is great incentive for that agent to go beyond what is expected providing an excellent thorough analysis of the property. This is truly a win-win(-win) situation for all involved.

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We Buy Houses In Connecticut

We Buy Houses In Connecticut

We Buy Houses In Connecticut

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