Not Doing Your Own SEO Could Be The End Of Your Company

Written by Posted On Thursday, 12 April 2018 15:18

Why is SEO so important?

We as investors find ut leads from people that need to sell their house fast. Some leads are better for agents and others are better for cash purchases. Those that choose an investor need to be able to find that investor's site through Google. How? SEO! Some investors are wholesalers, others are flippers.

SEO For Real Estate Investors

Nothing worse than paying a fee of 1000 dollars a month for a professional SEO service just to be penalized by Google, for not following their guidelines! You must be wondering: "How do I do SEO for  real estate myself". It actually is very easy and straightforward. SEO for real estate investing websites makes total sense. As a real estate investor or even as a realtor, or job is mostly in marketing. Not in real estate. If you are not tackling SEO yourself you run a big risk to be de indexed by Google at some point.

Who Has Time For SEO?!

I recently had a conversation with a friend that was doing the exact same thing I was doing; SEO for our real estate investing sites. We are on opposite sides of the country and thus we are not competitors. We had been living parallel lives when it came to our business. We started at the same time, we did the same tasks, each our own way. I am a scientist and engineer. Being in such a demanding field I am used to the "figure-it-out" mentality and SEO was just another obstacle to conquer. As "luck" would have it, I am single, no kids, quit my job and had all the time in the world to devote to my business, of buying houses for cash. She, on the other hand is married, has kids, works in the medical field and has a ton of other responsibilities. She outsourced SEO to a SEO company, and I did it all myself. We both desperately needed motivated sellers to knock on our doors and we took this seriously. We need to buy houses from motivated sellers, to stay in business and we did what ever we could to mke it happen.

Doing SEO Yourself Vs. Hiring An SEO Company

I had to do the research and educated myself on how it all worked and how it all worked. About 3 weeks ago I finally stopped the research and started applying what I have learned nonstop. I did this to my main site, my cash buyer site and my other motivated seller site as a test sample to track my learnings. Sure enough I jumped from page 4 on google, to page one, with most of my videos ranking on the very first spot on google and YouTube. When we compared results as we periodically do, with everything concerning our business, we both were ranking well. She had no idea how it would be possible that she was ranking (as she didn’t really understand / know that the company she hired would also do her backlinks). She thought the company would just handle on-site SEO. She hired them 4 months ago and they were religiously building her site up using both off site and onsite SEO strategies. I started just 3 weeks ago. When I checked both our sites for rankings, I was bewildered that her site was stronger than mine. Not by much, but indeed stronger. She has a trust flow of 8, mine is 7 and a page authority of 20, mine is 16.

Boost In Rankings May Just Be Temporary

At the time I had no idea her company was doing her backlinks so I was expecting my site to be much stronger than hers. Do not misunderstand, I have been trying to help her and convince her to do the back linking (again, I had no idea the company was doing it already), so I was very pleased to see her site ranking well. I however was still a bit confused about it, as I felt like I was doing all the work for nothing. If her site is ranking well with no effort, why was I doing all this effort? I started digging in and stalking her backlinks. Apparently that company has countless blogs out there with "ok" domain authority and they release blogs (they probably hire copywriters for about 30 dollars/100 words) and then just dump her link in there with a clever anchor text. This has caused suspicion on my end. And I dove in deeper. All these blog sites they had, had real estate related titles (meaning the name of their site including the domain name), but I noticed the blog articles they pushed out where of random topics. Sure a few real estate articles here and there but mostly random articles. So I did a quick test. My hypothesis is finding one of those random, unrelated articles, for instance, upholstery cleaning article. Sure enough, in the article they mention a site and linked to them. She is paying 4 digits a month for this, including all the other services, and I guess it is working. However, It is all very shady and the information they put out is often not correct. Imagine after paying so much for this service it backfiring. In 3 weeks of my SEO venture I am already catching up to that company. And now I know a lot about SEO. Not doing SEO yourself, will run you the risk of whatever company you choose to do grey had and even black hat SEO. This is a very big deal. Especially for small businesses. Ranking 1st on google is everything. A lot of tie and money is invested acquiring that first rank and that is the bread and butter of many companies. You definitely want to make sure you do not take shortcuts here and you need to make sure your init for the long run. Using questionable method to rank high will eventually get you penalized by google. The problem here is that you will never now what methods these SEO companies actually use. The best way to SEO, and ensure your top rankings is to learn it and do it yourself! It is not hard to learn and get a solid understanding for SEO for real estate purposes. Everyone can do it. Definitely do your SEO yourself!

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