Security in the Future: How Smart Alarms Keep Your Home Safe

Written by Posted On Monday, 04 June 2018 16:48

Security in the Future: How Smart Alarms Keep Your Home Safe

No matter how many people reside in your household, safety is likely one of your priorities. While this might mean locking the doors and keeping the gate closed, do you wonder what else you could be doing for protection? If you're looking to make a difference, then smart alarms are worth investing in. These can help keep your home safer in the following ways.


1. Notice of Alarms


While you will notice when fire or carbon dioxide alarms go off while you're at home, things would be different if you were out of town. With smart alarms, you don't have to worry. These are connected to apps right on your phone, which means you will be immediately notified if your alarms go off at any time. This can allow you to act more quickly and potentially prevent excess damage as a result.


2. Always Locking Doors


Do you sometimes leave the house wondering if you actually locked the front door? With smart locks, you won't have to worry. When left open, the lock would send a notification to your phone right away. You can even control smart locks straight from your home and see alarms as they occur so you're always in control. If you're ever worried about someone breaking in, this type of lock can offer a lot of peace of mind.


3. Notifying You of Motion


Motion alarms can be set up throughout your home, from the front door all the way to the nursery. If any movement is detected, an alarm will go off and notification will be sent to your phone as well. While this might seem bothersome for someone who is home all the time, you can change settings so the motion detector is only on at certain times.


4. Allowing You to See Indoors


If you have a smart alarm connected to cameras, you'll be able to see activity inside of your home from anywhere. All you have to do is log in through the necessary app and you'll get live video stream in seconds. If you go out of town often, this can mean peace of mind and always knowing who is in your home and when.


5. Knowing the Temperature


Are you ever worried that your home will get too warm for your animals while you're away? Or perhaps it could get too cold for your live-in grandparent while you're at work? With smart thermostats, you'll be able to see what the temperature is from anywhere. You can even change your settings so you receive an alarm when the temperature reaches a low or high.


6. Know When Windows are Opened


Home security monitors can be set up on windows so that you know the exact second they are opened. A lot of parents of teens like this to keep an eye on their kids but it's an excellent tool to be aware of break-ins. As soon as the alarm is sounded, you'll be notified on your phone. The best part about this is you can choose when the alarm is on and which windows the monitors are installed on.


7. Know Who is at The Door


Alarms connected to smart doorbells will sound on your phone when your doorbell rings. This will allow you to speak with and even see who is there so you can respond right away. Whether you're in your bedroom or another country, the person who is at the door will only think someone is there. If this were a burglar who was checking if someone was home before breaking in, this could cause them to turn away and leave.


Making Your Home Safe


Creating a safe and secure home is the goal for any homeowner or renter. While in the past achieving this wasn't easy, smart tech and alarms have changed that. Now you can hear and even see what's going on in your home with alarms every step of the way. This can provide you with peace of mind and security that your family and belongings are safe.

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