Why A Blog is Every Realtor's Asset

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Why A Blog is Every Realtor's Asset Blogging Basics 101

There are currently 1,334,668 registered members of the National Association of Realtors. While many of these members serve specific geographic locales, such a statistic is a testament to the stiff competition most realtors face in their industry.

Homeownership is also on the rise. Over 5 million existing homes were sold in 2017, and this number is only likely to increase as the housing market eases into its comfort zone in 2018 and beyond.

Most realtors are aware of the value of digital marketing methods. In fact, 91% of current realtors use social media to some extent in their marketing efforts.

Yet social media is not everything! In fact, I argue that a blog is even more important than social media as an online advertising tool. Blogs can be a far more intimate and effective conduit for engaging and retaining prospective clients.

Here’s why a blog is an asset to any realtor’s digital marketing strategy.

It Promotes Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most realtors maintain a blog on their existing websites as a means of leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. SEO gives agents, brokers, and realtors an opportunity to make their digital content more visible to prospective clients. Local SEO, in particular, can optimize your content for location-based Google searches your ideal clients are likely to perform.

SEO depends on high-value, relevant content—and lots of it. Blogs give you the endless material you need for consistent optimization. The more digital content you have on the web—particularly content in line with Google’s guidelines—the more likely you are to appear prominently in search results.

In fact, if your SEO campaign currently does not involve a blog, make it a priority today. Perform keyword research and select blog topics according to trending industry keywords.

For example, the owner of a landscaping business may identify “sustainable landscaping in Montreal” as a high-value keyword. She may then make this the topic of a blog post, such as “The Value of Sustainable Landscaping in Montreal.”

Blogs Inform and Engage Prospective Clients

One of the quickest ways to any client’s heart is education. Consumers are hungry for information, especially when it comes to life-changing decisions related to real estate.

You may already use education as part of your marketing strategy. Perhaps you hold online Q&A sessions with first-time homebuyers. Or maybe you hand out informative brochures to prospective clients.

Whatever the case, it’s time to amp up your role as an industry authority! Blogs give you a chance to write about the topics your clients care about, and in such a way that is helpful, expressive, and compelling.

For example, a holistic health practitioner may choose to write a blog post about the risks of HGH therapy or hormone replacement programs to attract clients. Not only does this post give vital medical information to consumers, but it can also cast the practitioner as an authority in the consumers’ minds (and therefore a candidate for future medical treatment).

Establish yourself as an authority. Inform your clients about first-time mortgages, the market in the community you service, and the qualities of a professional real estate agent. The sky is the limit.

Outsource Posts or Craft In-House

The beauty of blogs lies in their relative low-cost and ease of delivery. Yes, blog-writing does have its own art, and it is imperative to research blog topics before crafting them. Yet it is still possible to relegate blogging to your in-house content marketer.

You may even be able to cost-effectively outsource blog writing services—and optimized blogs at that—via a digital marketing agency.

Unlike other digital marketing channels that are time-intensive and require outside skill, blogging is a relatively straightforward addition to your current advertising lineup.  

Keen to get started on your own blog? Read my tips for a high-performing real estate blog here.

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