Avoid These Common Real Estate SEO Mistakes

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Avoid These Common Real Estate SEO Mistakes Search Engine Land

If you read my post about insider’s tips for real estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you may be hungry for more. SEO is, after all, the hot topic in the world of digital marketing these days, no matter what industry you are part of.

This is for good reason. Search engines are rapidly becoming the ultimate digital resource for finding immediate answers to questions, engaging in e-commerce, and connecting with others. Given the fact that Google alone processes 40,000 search queries every second, realtors around the globe are doing everything they can to make the most of this profound digital traffic.

I’ve reiterated several times the fact that any realtor can tackle his or her own SEO campaign. That’s the beauty of search engine advertising—it does not require a degree in marketing or even years of training.

It does require a fair bit of savvy and diligence, however, and it’s all too easy to blunder in the first stages of your SEO efforts. For now, make sure that you’re avoiding these common real estate SEO mistakes.

Choosing Low-Value or Oversaturated Keywords

Keywords form the heart of any successful SEO campaign. I’ve already discussed the value of intensive keyword research, yet even research can deliver low-value keywords or those that aren’t likely to help your content rank.

Low-value keywords are ones that aren’t in-demand—i.e., keywords your ideal clients aren’t likely to enter into Google. These may be overly specific or wordy, such as “what to do after a serious back injury” or applicable to a vague niche, such as “where to play hopscotch in Los Angeles.”

Oversaturated keywords are ones that are exceedingly popular and generic, like “vegan food,” “athletic gear,” or plain old “real estate.” It’s okay to choose one of these, but they often have to be leveraged with serious local SEO and web presence to ensure you can make it on the first page of Google results.

Choose keywords that are specific enough to call forth your content but not too specific to alienate clients. Keywords should be high-value and, if they are oversaturated, paired with more high-value terms.

I can’t recommend Ahref’s Keyword Explorer tool highly enough for keyword selection. This tool gives insight into what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which will be ideal for your optimization campaign.

Ignoring Google’s Guidelines

Yes, Google does have rules—it’s essential to play by them. Most newbie SEO marketers assume that these rules have to do with spam or hacking, and while some of them do, the majority cater to individuals who knowingly or unknowingly cheat the SEO system.

Spend some time reading through these guidelines. The ones I recommend skimming are the following:

Overstuffing Keywords

You may be tempted to cram your pages full of the keywords you choose in an attempt to make these pages more visible. Yet Google catches on to such strategies and will penalize you for this, ultimately harming your ranking.

In general, keywords should appear seamlessly on every single page of content you optimize. Readers should not be able to notice them as they read. While it’s important to use keywords in the right places—secondary headers, introductions, conclusions, and page titles, for example—aim to use a maximum of five words per 500 words of content.

Failing to Monitor a Campaign Effectively

Every SEO campaign is always evolving. This is because keywords dip and climb in popularity, and Google always changes its algorithms. For this reason, don’t forget to monitor a campaign once you implement it.

Trade low-value keywords for high-value ones, and use Google Analytics to get further insight into how your campaign is influencing site traffic and more. You may even wish to hire a real estate SEO consultant to help you with the monitoring end of things.

Real estate SEO can be valuable when it comes to your site’s visibility and attracting prospective clients. Yet avoid these mistakes at the beginning to ensure your campaign takes flight at the outset. 

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