6 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Real Estate SEO

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6 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Real Estate SEO LinkedIn Business Solutions

I’ve written at length of the great value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), particularly for independent realtors. If implemented well, SEO can be the most important part of your digital marketing scheme.

It is possible to tackle SEO yourself, especially if you do your research and familiarize yourself with Google’s starter guide. Yet the world of SEO is likely to keep changing as Google’s algorithms shift; it can be tough to keep up with these trends, particularly when you’re juggling so many clients.

It is possible to outsource your optimization efforts, provided you turn to a reputable company or agency. However, choosing to outsource SEO is a more complicated decision than most assume.

Here are six signs that outsourcing is in order.

Keyword Research is Daunting

The heart of SEO lies in its keywords. A successful campaign begins after you’ve done a hefty amount of keyword research, using a tool like Ahref’s Keyword Explorer or Google’s Keyword Planner.

It may also involve some sleuthing about what your ideal clients are actually searching for. I like to use Answer the Public to get a sense of what questions people are asking about specific keywords.

It is possible to launch an SEO campaign based on slim research—i.e., keywords you come up with without using tools like these. However, these campaigns are less likely to succeed. Remember: SEO is successful when its keywords are high performing.

If any of this proves daunting, it may be worth investing in professional SEO services. SEO experts will be able to identify the keywords likely to cater to your clients, whether you are a probate attorney or a dental technician.

You’re Not Seeing Results

If you’ve already implemented SEO, you may or may not be seeing results. If you’ve religiously tracked your campaign (via Google Analytics, for example), and you aren’t seeing any difference in site traffic or conversions, it may be worth your time to outsource.

Agencies dedicated to SEO marketing will be familiar with the trends of the industry. They will also likely have access to digital marketing tools most DIY marketers lack, enabling them to generate the results you crave.

What’s more, most digital marketing agencies can assist you with other digital marketing efforts likely to leverage your SEO, such as professional web design services and PPC campaigns

You Lack the Time

Let’s face it: realtors will always be in high demand. Even if you’re just starting out in the industry, you may not have a lot of time to devote to digital marketing.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of basic client management, SEO experts can help. After all, that’s their job: to generate the marketing results you need when you simply do not have the time to do so.

A lot of newbie marketers assume that SEO doesn’t take that much time. But keep in mind that every SEO campaign is an evolving campaign—it requires constant maintenance, particularly when your keywords lose (or gain) potency. Even the simplest local SEO campaign can take up a large portion of your schedule.

If you have little to no time to devote to marketing—and lack an employee to take care of advertising—outsourcing is definitely a viable option.

You’re Seeking a Local Edge

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is most valuable for local professionals seeking a competitive edge in their community. (If you haven’t yet done so, check out my post about local SEO).

Using location-based keywords like “realtor in Bellingham” and claiming a Google listing (Google My Business) can give your content prominence in local searches. I would also advise registering your agency on review platforms such as Yelp and Angie’s List.

However, even the most strategic local SEO campaigns may not gain footing at the beginning. This is particularly the case if you are a new realtor on the real estate scene and are doing everything you can to acquire a specific reputation.

To leverage your existing local SEO efforts, it may be wise to hire professional marketers.

You’ve Acquired a Penalty

Yes, you can break Google’s rules when navigating an SEO campaign. Unfortunately, doing so is easier than most marketers realize.

For one thing, Google has what it calls Webmaster Guidelines, rules that advise against cheating the system. Some examples of cheating the SEO system include “overstuffing” keywords (i.e., putting too many in one page of content), having spammy backlinks, or acquiring SEO boosts through shady means.

If you are new to SEO, you may not be truly familiar with how to navigate these rules wisely. You may actually already have a penalty in place from Google without your knowing! Google assigns penalties either manually or through its algorithms, depending on the nature of the error.

Penalties can actually harm your Google rankings over time, sending your content to the bottom of search results (rather than the top, where you deserve to be).

It is possible to recover from a Google penalty. If it is a manual error, Google will actually guide site owners through the process of fixing the error and requesting a review.

But who has time for that, especially when you have homes to sell? Some penalties can take months and years to recover from, too.

If you’ve acquired a penalty (or multiple penalties), consider reaching out to a professional SEO agency. They may be able to help you gain your footing once again.

You Have a Marketing Budget

If you have a dedicated marketing budget, it may be worth allocating some of those funds towards SEO management. While it is possible to generate an SEO campaign for free (or for minimal cost), paid services may take you farther in the long run.

If you are searching for reputable digital marketers, be sure to compare quotes from all. Some services will offer different pricing for different products, and others will have more knowledge of the industry than some.

I’ll be writing more about choosing a great digital marketing agency, so stay tuned.

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