5 Things You Want to Check Before Moving into a New Home

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While moving can be a stressful event, you can make it less so by remembering to check out a few things prior to moving day. Making a checklist of important questions to answer might reduce your anxiety and make the whole process easier. This guide will offer you five useful tips for things to check on before you make your big move.

Check the Home’s Measurements

If you’ve found the home of your dreams, you probably already have some general knowledge of its square footage. However, it’s a good idea to make sure you know how large each room is, how wide each doorway is, and the overall measurements of any furniture you’re planning to take with you. If you have this information, you can make plans on how to get the furniture inside and set it up, and you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you arrive.

Look for Different Schools

If you have children that are old enough to be in school, you should check around a few weeks prior to your moving day for schools in your new district that might fit their needs. You can go online to read testimonials from parents already in the area or to see how one school stacks up against another. We recommend using sites like this to check out school ratings in your area.

Examine the House for Issues

A new home can look great on the outside but hide some problems on the inside. In some cases, the previous owner might not be aware of any problems. As you are touring the house or examining it later, check trouble spots for signs of problems that could pose a health risk to you or your family. Black spores could indicate the need for mold remediation so as not to cause allergy symptoms and cause structural damage to the home. Because mold removal is an exact science, you’ll need professional services to clear it from the home.

Determine Plant Transportation Requirements

If you have plants you want to take with you, check with your moving company to see if they have any special requirements to meet before they’ll take them. In addition, some states have rules regarding which plants they will or won’t allow across their borders. Make sure you’re following all applicable rules with your plants before you take them with you.

Reserve a Storage Unit

If your new home’s measurements are smaller than your current one, you may need to downsize. However, you don’t have to get rid of half your stuff. You can place items in a storage unit prior to the move and take what you need with you. You can always swap out items later.

These are just a few of the many tips that can make your moving day easier. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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