Amazing Views: 4 Decor Tips For Nature Blended Architecture

Written by Posted On Friday, 28 June 2019 12:15

Nature blended architecture is on the rise as more of the natural looks gain popularity. Making a home better blend into the natural surroundings can look elegant, luxurious, and unique. It also gives you more privacy and security when your home isn’t as easily visible. Here are four ways to help achieve this look.

Local Plants

While there may be some plants surrounding your home already, strategically placing more plants can help to better conceal your home for privacy and give you the blended look you’re going for. Try using local plants helps to expand the natural look as opposed to using random plants. Plants outside of their natural environment don’t grow as well and may take more work to maintain if they don’t just die in a different climate. Plants you would normally see in your region will give the optimal nature blended look.

Neutral Colors

Having a neutral colored roof can be a key when it comes to nature blended architecture. Having a roof color that more gently transitions between the home and its surroundings can help create a beautifully blended look to the skyline vs a harsh black. Greens and browns to blend with the trees surrounding the home are the most common choices, but the best color choice is dependent on the landscape of your location when you consult residential roof painting. Many desert areas and home owner associations in the southwest for example want outdoor colors to be desert shades or brown, reds, and oranges. Your exterior paint and doors should blend in to the gorgeous view you have.


Some people opt to add mirrors on the external walls of the home as a sort of siding. This projects the image of the nature that surrounds the house instead of keeping the focus on the home itself. In some cases, this mirroring technique has made the home seem almost invisible for those who aren’t looking for it.

Keep It Simple

When in doubt, keep it simple. If you add too much in an attempt to make your home look more natural, it will end up doing the opposite. Try one trick at a time to see how you like each change you make as opposed to trying to change everything at once and being unsure what it is that you aren’t fond of. Minimalism is a big part of successful nature blended architecture so keep it simple and enjoy the new decor of your home.

These tricks and many more can help your home to achieve the more natural look that you crave. Live naturally and enjoy the local environment to its fullest by making your home a part of it. Jump on board with the rising trend of nature blended architecture.

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