Garbage Disposal Water Comes Back Up

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A clogged sink basin is a messy inconvenience. It is very necessary to know how to clean and fix the clogged sink by yourself. When garbage disposal water comes back up, you can clear most of the sink clogs by yourself by following some basic rules and by using some tools. This article will go over a step by step guide on how to do so.

What to Do When Garbage Disposal Water Comes Back Up - A Quick Fix

What is a Jammed Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal is typically the main area and culprit of a clogged sink. Food scraps and other items can get built up and clogged in this drain. Be sure to let the water run for about 30 seconds after throwing anything down the disposal.

Steps on How to Unclog Garbage Disposal

  1. Switch off the electrical power switch: You will have to switch off the electrical power of the garbage disposal. If you do not find the switch, you can switch off the main switch. You should not use your hand in the disposal either it is switch off or on.

  1. Look in the disposal: You should take a look in the disposal with a flashlight. The light will lead you towards the main direction as to where the blockage is occuring. You can easily find objects and food particles in the drainage area.

  1. Use pliers: If you can see that there are some objects that are obstructing the drainage area, you should definitely use a pair of pliers in order to reach into the disposal and clean it.

  1. Wait patiently: You should wait for 15 minutes. You should let your disposal motor cool. After that, you can start your work again.

  1. Use a wooden spoon: You can use a wooden spoon in order to clear debris from the disposal.

  1. Start your garbage disposal: After this process, you can run your garbage disposal machine.

Bottom Line

Don’t know what to do when garbage disposal water comes back up? By using some tools such as plunger, drain snake, flashlight, gloves, groove-joint pliers, you can definitely fix this issue. Be sure to follow the above steps in order to do so, and take preventive measures once the issue is fixed to prevent it from happening again in the future.

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