Pest Control Tips for Apartments

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Pest Control Tips for Apartments Pest Control Tips for Apartments Pest Control Tips for Apartments

Keeping your home clean has a critical role to play in helping to prevent and eliminate pest invaders. Pets need water shelter and food to survive. So, by eliminating many of these resources, you can avoid most infestations. In most cases, you can spot pest infestations very early and prevent them altogether by adopting good sanitation habits. Here are a few pest control tips for apartments.

Pest Control Tips for Apartments - What You can do

Eliminating pests in an apartment can be much harder without the support of neighboring tenants and management. If management provides pest control as part of their services, be sure to notify them to avoid over treating or over spraying your premises. Here are some measures you can take to keep the pests away.

Everyday Tips to Keep Pests Out

- Keep the kitchen area as clean as possible.

- Wash and put away your dishes after every use.

- Get rid of little food crumbs by wiping down countertops.

- Eliminate possible water sources by rinsing and drying sinks every night.

- Wipe down appliances and empty toaster crumb trays.

- Get rid of crumbs and sweep the floor thoroughly.

- Mop the floor at least once a week to get rid of food particles and spilled liquids.

- Take out the trash every day or use a trash can with a very tight fitting.


- Get rid of cardboard boxes.

- Avoid putting things such as clothes, files and blankets under your sofa or bed unless they’re in a secure, pest-resistant container.

- Get rid of any items you no longer use. Food items, clothes, papers and linens that are left unchecked for extended time periods may become the perfect hiding and breeding places for pests.

- Throw away any unused papers and store the ones you need in secure containers.

Look Out for Moisture

- Almost all pests will need water to survive so make sure you’ve addressed all moisture issues right away.

- Search for and fix any leaky pipes.

- Fix leaky faucets.

- Check for “sweating pipes.”

- Check window and door seals for moisture.

Keeping Pests Out:

- Inspect your entire apartment and look for places where pests can enter the space. Search for potential entry points around utility wires and cables, near appliances, and in and around cabinets. You also want to look for pest damage such as holes in walls or food products, urine or feces.

- Identify the pest. This is a crucial part of the pest control process as it determines your next steps. If you’re unable to spot the pest visually, check for tell-tale signs such as damage left behind or feces. If you’re unsure what type of pest has infested your premises, call a professional for an inspection.

- Seal all entry points using caulk, sheet metal, copper mesh or hardware cloth.

Bottom Line

Choose a treatment that’s appropriate for the type of pest in your apartment. If you’ll be working with professionals, be sure to do your due diligence and confirm that they’re competent enough to do the job well. These pest control tips for apartments will help you get rid of pests completely.

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