20 Things to Know When Renting a Moving Truck

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What to Know When Doing a Truck Rental What to Know When Doing a Truck Rental

Considerations When Renting a Moving Truck

Are you going to be buying or selling a home? Are you the kind of person that likes doing things yourself? Maybe you like the thought of saving a few bucks here and there? One of the best ways of saving money when you are moving is to forgo hiring a professional moving company. Instead, you can rent a moving truck and do the move yourself to save a ton of dough!

Of course, you'll want to do a bit of research when renting a moving truck. Like any other business, there will be outstanding moving truck rental companies and others you should probably avoid. There are many reputable truck rental companies, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty.

There are quite a few essential things to know when you rent a moving truck. When moving, it will be wise to compare companies, including looking at the costs involved. Unexpected surprises are never pleasant when it comes to making a move. It is a stressful enough experience without additional chaos being added.

Once you start to plan the move, there will be things that you have undoubtedly never thought about. So before booking your moving truck, let's take a look at some of the things you need to know. Having a moving checklist of what to do can also be helpful.

1. Requirements For Renting a Moving Truck

Have you got a truck license? In some states, renting a truck and driving a car are different propositions. You may need a special license to drive a truck. Please make sure you check with the moving truck rental company in advance before you arrive at their business.

For the most part, rental trucks are not classified as commercial vehicles, so a standard driver's license should be acceptable.

2. Who Can Drive The Moving Truck

Most rental companies allow 2-4 drivers per truck. All people planning to drive must present ID and check that there is no additional cost to add more drivers. If you sign the contract, it makes you responsible for the truck.

3. You May need Additional Insurance

Check your current policies to see if you are covered. If not, you will require more insurance purchased from the rental company.

4. Check Available Sizes of Trucks

Are the moving trucks going to be big enough? Most companies have plenty of sizes of trucks available, and they will be able to tell you how many rooms of stuff you can get into the chosen truck. If you follow sound packing tips for loading a moving truck, you'll probably be able to squeeze out some additional space.

If you have rented a portable moving container, don't forget to account for the space needed in the truck for what you've stored.

5. Do You Require Other Equipment?

Hand trollies and covers are essential items for your move. Make sure that they are included. There are quite a few other accessories that you may need for your moving adventure as well. Ask the truck rental company to give you a list of some of the extras they offer.

6. How is The Rental Truck Priced?

The price is usually on the distance you are taking the truck and the number of days you will require the vehicle. If it is over a weekend or a public holiday, it will be a higher rate. Lack of availability may also affect the price. When renting a moving truck, you need to be very careful not to assume the advertisements you see will be what you end up paying.

The advertised rates could be for a small truck used for a local move only. For example, you have probably seen U-Haul's pricing advertising on their trucks stating you will pay $19.95. For most people, the chances of paying 20 bucks to rent a moving truck will be slim to none.

One of the most vital things to do when renting a moving truck is some comparison shopping on rental rates.

7. Will There Be Any Additional Costs to Renting a Truck?

Tolls will be added, along with fuel and any taxes for crossing state borders. Ask the company you are renting from to estimate what you can expect to be added to your bill with these fees.

9. Do I Have to Return The Truck Where I Got it From?

The truck will need to be returned to one of the companies offices. So pick the one nearest to your new address. Ask the truck rental company if there will be any additional fee for bringing the truck back to a different location.

10. How Far In Advance Should I Reserve a Truck Rental?

Once you know you will be moving, start looking into the truck rental and make your reservation early. After all, the move's success depends on the truck being in good order and the right size.

11. What to Know About Renting a Moving Truck That Breaks Down?

Have the truck rental company on 'speed dial' and demand service. It is probably a good idea to check this important detail when booking your truck for the move.

12. Renting a Moving Truck and Need to Cancel The Reservation?

You would usually be required to give 48 hours' notice to cancel. This will be another thing to check when making the booking.

13. Do You Need a Credit Card to Rent a Truck?

Yes, this is a good idea, as it enables you to get a refund more easily and track payments for taxation purposes if your company is paying for the move. If not, a debit card should be okay.

14. Do I Get a Refund If I Return The Truck Early?

No, most companies will usually allow you plenty of time. However, if you have arranged 3-4 days and don't need them all, you may get a day refunded, depending on company policy.

15. Will I Be Charged Extra Fees If I Return The Truck on Time?

No, as long as the truck is in good condition, no additional charges should be added. However, if you have forgotten to refuel it, you will be charged for fuel. You can also be charged more if you exceed the mileage on the contract. Be sure to read the company agreement before signing it.

16. When You Pick Up The Vehicle, Have a Spot Check

This is in your interest to be sure everything is in order with the truck. You don't want the truck rental company to tell you there wasn't a ding on the driver's side door when in fact, it was there when you got in the vehicle for the first time.

17. Have Family or Friends to Help Load The Moving Truck

You will need help to load and safely distribute the load in the truck. On long drives, you need two drivers so that one can rest. Make sure that you pick a comfortable truck if you are driving a long way.

18. Plan Overnight Stops When Renting a Moving Truck

If your move is taking a few days, plan where you will stay overnight in advance and make the bookings. Moving is tiring, and there is nothing worse than looking for accommodation in a strange town.

When you do make the booking, ask if there are food outlets nearby. Take two gallons of water in the truck with you, as you won't have to stop for cola on the way. Water is more hydrating.

19. Don't Pick Up Hikers When Renting a Moving Truck

When making your move, don't stop for hikers. If you have an accident, it may negate your insurance.

20. Refuel As You Go When Renting a Truck

Fuel is cheaper in some places than in others. Check for prices as you go. If you are driving through a big town, fuel is often cheaper on the way in than on the way out.

Final Thoughts on Renting a Moving Truck

Moving can be stressful, but with a bit of careful planning, your move will actually go quite smoothly, and you will be in your new home before you can really think about it too much.

Once you get to the new house, you will be pleased that you and your friend packed the van so carefully, with enough maneuvering space available. If you think of it in advance, arrange for a third person to be at the other end to expedite the unpacking making it quicker to move into your new house. Besides getting your home organized, you'll just be left with trying to get rid of all your extra moving boxes!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide for what you need to know when renting a moving truck.

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