Cheap Ways to Move Locally

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How to Save Money Moving How to Save Money Moving

How to Move Cheaply

If you are looking for the cheapest way to move, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Moving from home to home usually stretches people’s finances, but if you are only driving a relatively short distance you can make significant savings on your move.

The lowest cost moving options for your move might not be the same as for someone else. An obvious moving cheap locally option is the do-it-yourself move, but it might also be the toughest. Let's take a look at some of the best options so that you can pick the right one for your situation to keep your costs down.

Renting a Moving Truck

An obvious cheap moving option is to do most of the work yourself. Renting your moving truck is certainly a low-cost choice, but it won't be the easiest option. Companies like Home Depot and U-Haul, however, have made the process far more manageable. Home Depot has tons of locations are you probably already know making it highly convenient.

You can even combine getting the truck with picking up valuable items for your move at one of their many stores.

It's Even Easier With Friends to Help Out

Are you able to do the heavy lifting yourself? Perhaps you have friends and family who are willing to help with your move. If these things are true, your moving truck rental could be the right option for you.

You will still need your packing supplies and pay for gas for the truck, but it could work out as one of the cheapest ways to move.

To ensure that you get a great deal, get quotes from at least three rental truck businesses. Remember to compare costs per mile as well as any additional fees which companies charge. You should also be ready and willing to negotiate for a better deal if you want to keep your costs to a minimum.

Quick Moves

Perhaps in your case, the speed of your move is more important. If this is your situation, professional movers may be a better option. Choosing a full-service option means that your movers will do all of the work for you if necessary. This can mean packing your items along with loading the truck and moving your things to their new destination.

However, using full-service movers isn't the cheapest moving option. As a minimum, you can expect to pay between $400 and $500 for a local move. Though if you have a larger home with lots of possessions, this can run into the thousands.

When hiring professional movers, you need to do some research. Check their customer feedback and their Better Business Bureau page to see if they are reliable. Along with excellent customer feedback, they should be licensed by the state and provide insurance information.

Using Moving Containers

If you like the idea of moving at your own pace, renting a moving container could be your best option. There are many shipping container companies to choose from, PODS being the best known.

They will deliver a moving container to your home, transporting it to your new destination when you have filled it up. It is also a good choice if you haven't found a new home yet, with the container being stored in their secure facilities if you need it.

Get at least three quotes from moving container companies, so you find the best low-cost moving option for you. You can expect the rental cost for a single container to start at below $200, though there will be other fees to add to that.

Hiring Extra Help

If you already have access to a vehicle that is suitable to transport your possessions, the only problem you might have is labor. To reduce the physical strain and stress of moving home, hiring labor services can be the answer.

You can expect your costs for a service like this to start from a few hundred dollars to hire a couple of helpers. This could be all the help you need for a small apartment move that will get the job done in a couple of hours.

On-Demand Movers

Another option, and a relatively new one, is on-demand moving help. There are a few companies that provide this Uber-like service to help with your move. Companies like Lugg, Phlatbed, Dolly, and Truck on Demand, allow you to call them for moving help, sometimes providing a truck as well if you need it.

Help From Friends

If you have a friend that will lend you their truck or van, that will undoubtedly make moving cheap locally easier. Perhaps your friend also has a trailer that will allow you to proceed with fewer journeys.

And if they are offering their labor as well, this will help you out considerably. While your friend might be happy to help you move, you should at least give them some gas money or buy them lunch to compensate them for their assistance.

Also, don't forget to thank them. Kind words can go a long way and be very appreciated by your friend.

Using Your Vehicle

If you don't have much stuff to move, you might be able to get away with only using your own vehicle. This will be one of the cheapest ways to move, just requiring your own time and effort. If you have a car where you can move the seats to give you more space, you might be surprised at the number of items you can actually fit in your vehicle.

Though if you have large items of furniture to move, this option may not be for you. More oversized furniture items might fit in your vehicle more than you expect, so take some measurements, and you might be surprised.

Packing Materials

While we have been focusing on the transportation of your possessions, it is easy to overlook packing materials. You can spend a lot on cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and tape, but there are some free options too.

You can ask store managers if they have some suitable boxes to spare or check online for people who have moving packages to give away locally. Take a look at some of the excellent tips for packing your vehicle.

The Best Moving Cheap Locally Options for You

Everyone's situation is going to be a little bit different, and what could be good for you might not work for someone else. You need to consider the items you are moving, how much work you are willing to do, and how quickly you need to move, among other considerations.

Remember, there are so many things to think about before moving. Having a checklist can help you don't forget about critical moving tasks that need to be completed. When buying or selling a home, it's pretty easy for vital things to fall through the cracks.

Hopefully, you have found some of our cost-saving tips to be useful in your next move. Best of luck!

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