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Don't Get Caught in the Dark: 4 Signs of Home Electrical Problems

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 06 September 2016 19:25

It is hard to imagine a time without electricity; not only that, it can be hard to live without this convenience. Sadly, this might be a possibility should you ignore any of the following four signs of electrical problems.


1. Haunted House Syndrome or Flickering Lights

One of the most common signs of an electrical issue is flickering light fixtures or dimming light fixtures. Sure, it could be as simple as replacing a light bulb that is just dying out, or it could be due to a number of other issues like loose wiring or a defective circuit breaker box.

This problem should first be evaluated by your electrician who may simply need to tighten the breaker box or replace some wire.


2. Uh-Oh, the Circuit Breaker is Tripping

The circuit breaker is designed to protect the electrical system and your entire home from an electrical fire. It is meant to shut off electricity if it detects the possibility of an overload.

This problem could simply be that you are plugging too many appliances in one area, or your electrical system is outdated and simply cannot keep up with the electrical demands of today's gadgets. Either way, you need to talk to your electrician to see how the issue can be resolved. According to the experts at Lowry Services, a constantly tripping circuit breaker could be a sign of larger issues, so you’ll definitely want to get it checked out.


3. Watch Out for Sparks or Burning Smells

Another sign that you might want to look out for is frequent sparking when you plug a device up. Or you may hear a popping sound from certain plugs from time to time.

These popping sounds may be accompanied by a burning smell. This smell is associated with an electrical fire, so what you want to do is turn off this appliance or device. There may be a loose wire that needs to be located, or the circuit breaker may be malfunctioning. It is important that you talk to your electrician as soon as you can and avoid tinkering with your electrical system.


4. Home May be too Old

An old home could be the problem, and you can usually tell if you notice certain things, like you don't have 3-pin electrical plugs, which are installed in most modern homes. If you see black switches around the home, or a black cable coming out of your electric box, this might also indicate an old electrical system. The black cable is insulated with rubber, which will decay and become dangerous.

Outdated system might cause the circuit breaker to trigger frequently or lights to dim if you are using an appliance that uses a lot of electricity like a washer or dryer. The solution here is to update the entire system, though that is something your electrician can confirm for you.



As you can see, there are many warning signs that you may have an electrical problem at home, but most of the solutions are relatively painless, and will help you keep your home happy and healthy for years to come.

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