How Plumbing Affects Your Home's Resale Value

Posted On Thursday, 16 February 2023 20:59

Perhaps you're considering reselling your home at a time when the market is ideal. But before doing so, it's recommended to inspect your home to see if any areas need fixing, such as your plumbing system. Making sure that the plumbing system is in top shape can impact the pricing you want for your home. 

This article tackles the importance of the plumbing system and why it’s a factor for home buyers.  

Why The Plumbing System Is Important 

Having a sound, working plumbing system in your home is of great importance because it can affect the water flow in your home. Among the significant hazards you should be worried about is the possible contamination of water. When wastewater backs up in the piping system, it’ll likely come in contact with clean water. This would, of course, affect the health of everyone in the house. 

Another issue that you’ll also need to look into is leakages. The worst water damage sometimes occurs within walls, causing dangerous mold growth. Mold can cost serious health issues to the home's occupants such as severe allergic reactions. 

Leaks can also cause flooding. Even if most of the water is removed, moisture may remain and cause mold. In worst-case scenarios, it can begin weakening the foundation of your home. When signs like these show up, call experienced plumbers for help. 

Appraisers, Inspectors, And The Valuation Of Your Home 

When selling a house, banks or lenders require a home appraisal before lending money to a buyer. They need an appraisal report based on an in-person inspection to determine the actual market value of the house. 

Lenders cannot release a mortgage loan to borrowers (homebuyers) higher than the property's real value. Lending institutions must protect their investment if the borrower defaults on the loan. If they lend more money than needed and the borrower cannot repay, they can seize the property, but the resale won't be enough to cover the loan. 

A buyer could request the report of a professional home inspector on your home. Home buyers may do this to learn more about your home's major systems. Home inspectors look at heating and air conditioning, insulation, foundation, walls, and the plumbing system. It’ll help buyers with the negotiation process later. 

A licensed professional appraiser's job is to give an unbiased assessment of the house for sale. Appraisers can identify the property's value by looking into the real estate market, comparing sales in the neighborhood, and through home visual inspection. 

Buyer And Seller Negotiation 

The result of the home inspection could be the key to the final selling price. It can be a deal breaker if a thorough home inspection reveals problems, such as a faulty plumbing system. The buyer can still ask the seller for concessions, such as lowering the price of the home or for the seller to fix the problems found through inspection first.  

If the buyer has already agreed to the sale, they could also request to cancel it. That's because they want to avoid dealing with more expenses to fix the faulty plumbing or any issues themselves.  

Expect an appraiser and home inspector to knock at your door during the selling process. But you must realize that it only means that there's a buyer interested in your house and that you still have a chance to close the sale by fixing things in your home.  

Raise Home Value By Upgrading Your Plumbing 

Plumbing problems can arise if you have an old home with an equally old system. You can call for a professional plumber to fix the plumbing issues. But for an older home, you may also get a recommendation to make necessary upgrades. Merely closing a hole in a pipe will mean a partial fix if the house is pushing 50 years old. Water pipes have different lifespans depending on their material. Copper pipes could last up to 80 years, while modern galvanized steel pipes can last up to 100 years. A professional can tell if you need a significant update, such as the following: 

  • Re-Piping 

Before selling your home, you can call a professional plumber to inspect the general condition of your plumbing system. Steel pipes were used in homes in the 50s and 60s for running hot and cold water. Alternating these temperatures can cause corrosion in this type of pipe back then. If your home is experiencing constant water leaks, that’s a sign that your plumbing system needs re-piping.  

Another valid reason to replace piping is the scaling or a build-up of minerals in the pipe interior that can cause clogging. It happens when the area is servicing hard water. If your sink, toilet, or shower produces less water, your plumber might detect clogging and recommend re-piping.  

  • Modernizing 

If you can afford to have your plumbing system modernized, it could add to the value of your current home. Understand that an older home might be all right because many find vintage homes charming. The problem would lie in older systems and the outdated aesthetic that needs a change. If you want to upgrade your home, focus on the kitchen and the bathroom. The styles have changed over the past 30 years, and you may want to try newer styles. 

You can ask your plumber to update the fixtures, such as replacing stained sinks with ceramic farmhouse-style ones or unsightly faucets with chrome or whatever style suits the kitchen and bathroom look.  

These are only some ideas you can do for your plumbing. Of course, a professional plumber will best tell you what should be the priority.  


The plumbing can affect the home's resale value because buyers don't want to spend more on a problematic house. They’ll enlist the assistance of a home inspector and an appraiser to determine the home's market value and identify issues in the major home systems. If you have a plumbing system that needs repair or replacements, they’ll request you to make the necessary fixes or lower the price. Before selling, you’d want to call professionals to look into your plumbing system. 

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