8 Great Tricks For Keeping Mosquitos Away

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 08 May 2016 06:48

We all know about using bug spray. And citronella candles. But what about other ways to keep those pesky mosquitos away? As if they weren't annoying enough before, the threat of the Zika Virus has made mosquitos even more dangerous. So we've scoured the web for the best tricks for keeping the buggers away.

1. Plant a garden. There are several plants that are known to be mosquito repellants, including lemongrass, lavender, and marigolds.

2. Grow your own herbs. One of the best is something you might want to grow for other, tastier, reasons as well.

"Basil is so effective at repelling mosquitos (and adding a delicious flavor to Italian fare!) that you'll want to grow it all around your house," said POPSUGAR. "Windowsills, porches, the garden…the possibilities are endless!" Not only will it keep those nasty flying things away, but you'll also be able to make some killer pesto!

3. Make your kitty cat happy. "Some studies report that catnip is 10 times more repellent to mosquitos than sprays, so this plant is a big win for gardeners," said POPSUGAR. "Bonus: if you've got a cat, they'll get plenty of entertainment from any catnip you plant!" And, it's pretty to boot!

4. Trap them. You can easily make an effective mosquito trap with a plastic soda bottle or milk jug and bait made from brown sugar and active dry yeast. Get directions here.

5. Make yourself smell delicious. Dabbing vanilla extract on your pulse points has been said to help repel mosquitoes. Beware the urge to bake cookies later!

6. Recycle your coffee grounds. Turns out, they make a great mosquito repellant. "That's right, old dried up coffee grounds work as an effective repellent for mosquitoes, according to the EPA," said Simple Organic Life. "Mosquitoes and other insects hate the way used coffee grounds smell. Get directions on how to put this eco-friendly tip to use here.

7. Raid your spice drawer. "Another repellent considered in the above study with citronella was turmeric," said Daily Health Post. "According to this study...turmeric oil alone showed outstanding efficacy among the test repellents. In fact, turmeric oil provided protection for at least eight hours, whereas DEET gave only six hours for this species."

8. Or raid your baby's room. "Creamy baby oil can repel mosquitos and won't smell horrible," said Buzzfeed.

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