What's To Love About Moving To Rochester, NY?

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What's To Love About Moving To Rochester, NY? What's To Love About Moving To Rochester, NY?

I admit that I'm a little biased seeing as I have lived in Rochester, NY my entire life, however, it really is a great place to live, work, and play!  There are tons of reasons why people who move to Rochester NY end up loving it.  

As one of the best real estate agents in Webster, NY, I'm often asked, why do people move to Rochester NY?  There are many reasons why people choose to move to Rochester.  Whether it's because of a new job, school, or because they want to be closer to family and friends, people who move to Rochester end up loving it!

There are dozens of reasons why people love moving to Rochester, NY and I'm sure you're wondering what they are, right?  Read on to find out five of the top reasons why people love moving to Rochester NY and judge for yourself whether you agree.

Affordable Rochester Real Estate

One of the most unique things about Rochester NY is the affordability of the real estate.  Whether you're looking for a luxury home, waterfront home, or a starter home, you will find it in Rochester NY.

Now there is no denying that real estate taxes in New York State can be some of the highest in the country.  There is also no denying that the home values in Rochester NY are significantly lower than many areas.  For example, a 2,000 square foot, updated colonial with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in Webster NY can cost between $175,000 - $200,000.  I'm willing to bet you cannot say the same home in Atlanta or Chicago would be selling for the same price.  

Since there are so many surrounding communities outside of Downtown Rochester, there is a home for everyone.  If you're looking for a starter home a good potential community would be Irondequoit.  If you're looking for a luxury home in an affluent neighborhood, Pittsford could be the right fit.  Literally, there are home prices that can fit anyone's budget.


While Rochester, NY is one of the largest cities in all of New York, it doesn't have that feel to it.  Rochester NY is a large city with a hometown feel.  Another reason why people love moving to Rochester is because there is a sense of pride in the various communities.  Each community has their own local festivals, parades, parties, and other events.

If you're moving to Rochester from a small town, don't worry, you will not be left feeling like you're a small fish in a huge pond.  There is a pretty good chance that when walking through a shopping mall in Rochester you will bump into someone you know or have met before.  Even if you've met someone only once, there is a strong chance they will remember your name since the people of Rochester are so friendly and inviting.  Don't believe me?  Rochester, NY has recently been voted as the happiest city in the United States according to CreditDonkey.com.

Great Eats

If you consider yourself a "foodie" than you will love moving to Rochester NY.  There is a ton of variety when it comes to the Rochester NY dining scene.  From small mom and pop diners to five star restaurants, the Rochester restaurant selection is incredible.

Rochester, NY has been featured on the popular TV show, Man Vs. Food, for the "Garbage Plate."  A Garbage Plate is comprised of 2 pieces of meat (Cheeseburgers are the original) over a heaping amount of macaroni salad and home fries all topped off with onions, meat hot sauce, ketchup, and mustard.  Now I realize you're probably saying, that sounds foul!  All I can say is that until you've tried a Garbage Plate, please do not judge them!  

Things To Do

One of the biggest concerns of people when they are relocating to a new city is whether there will be things for them to do or not that fits their lifestyle.  There are tons of things to do in Rochester NY.

Rochester NY first and foremost has an incredible festival season.  During the spring, summer, and fall seasons you can find a festival that is going on almost every weekend.  Rochester NY is nationally known for a few festivals, most notably, the annual Lilac Festival.  Other popular festivals include the Jazz Festival and Park Avenue Festival.

If golfing is something you love to do, moving to Rochester NY is a great choice.  There are hundreds of golf courses within a 50 mile radius of Downtown Rochester.  There are some very famous golf courses in Rochester NY including Oak Hill Country Club which will host the 2023 PGA Championship.

Rochester Weather

Rochester's weather is interesting, to say the least.  Living in Rochester truly gives you the opportunity to experience all four seasons.  The winter season provides a great opportunity for those skiing enthusiasts while the summer time allows those who love being on a boat to have the opportunity to do so!  

Advice For Moving To Rochester, NY

If you're still on the fence about moving to Rochester, NY or have decided you are, the above 5 reasons are just a few of the top reasons.  There are literally dozens of reasons why people love moving to Rochester, NY.  There are tons of resources available that provide information, tips, and tricks for moving to Rochester NY that can help make the transition easier!  

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