Got an Old Fashioned to Do List? There May Be Nothing Better!

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Think back about our past before all this crazy technology completely changed the way we work, play and communicate! Sometimes an old way might work easier and better for you than some high-tech way. Maybe better yet, you can bring your old way into the new way with technology!

Let’s see how many of you sound and maybe work like I do. I remember the days (like yesterday) when I always had a yellow legal pad on my desk or within arm’s reach. Add to the list, put a line through what I finished and redo it regularly, remember the feeling of putting a line through a task? Now nuclear launch code type information, in the evening when it’s nice and quiet for some that might even be midnight, get yourself a nice glass of wine or, on a tough day, a bottle, find that special place that helps with a clear head and update and add things to your “To Do List”. I also keep the legal pad next to my bed so in the middle of the night if your brain is working overtime, write it down and tell your brain, “There, I will take care of it in the morning now go to sleep.”

Now in a perfect world you would wake up the next day and be able to go through your list marking things off. Guess what? We don’t live in a perfect world; something is going to happen that makes your plans go down the hopper! This is a fact of life, so simply keep adding on to the list.

In my past I have had a crazy schedule; at times with speaking gigs all over North America, I counted my weekends home in hours, not days, between landing and flying out again. I needed a better way for me to handle my “To Do List,” as I wasn’t going to carry my legal pad around with me when people are hiring me to speak on technology. I looked at many apps and programs, some with alarms, some with GPS so when I rode by the dry cleaners, where I dropped a suit off two weeks ago, my phone would yell at me to stop. Nope, not going to do it!

Here’s what I do and hope this helps: first I am an Apple guy so in my Notes I have my “To Do List,” which syncs across all devices so it’s with me at all times. Windows 10 works the same way, and Google has Google Keep, which does the same plus you can build your ‘To Do List” with a yellow background for old time’s sake!

I just finished building out a one-hour webinar, which I am presenting outside the real estate industry mid-August on Digital Note-Taking Tips and Techniques. Terms of my agreement with this company mean I can’t present any or all of the materials until after I present it live for them. Once I am able I will be showing you how and why you need to change your note taking and To-Do-List! Stay tuned!

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Dick Betts

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